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Tuya Fingerprint Smart Locks

A couple days ago I got the opportunity to test some smart locks that working with Tuya Smart / Smart Life app. Before this test, changing the deadbolt for my condominium is the only experience I have about the locks. The test is done without real installation, since I realize smart locks are not suitable for do-it-...

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Weatherproof/Waterproof Outdoor Smart Doorbell

When we plan to buy smart doorbells for apartments or houses, it’s recommended to select the one which meets IP65 ingress protection standard. Smart doorbells that meet IP65 ingress protection standard can be used for both indoor and outdoor environment. The product has to adopt full-sealed design therefore can be...

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Solar powered wireless security camera HK-C5

Wireless  solution is better than hardwird/Ethernet/PoE for almost all video surveillance projects regardless the project is for a house, workshop or even holiday resort. If the weather condition permits, solar powered cameras can be best components for your wireless video surveillance solution. We are delighted t...

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Tuya smart doorbell J6

Are you searching for smart video doorbell that can be used to easily upgrade your existing obsolete door chime system? Well, here you may check this awesome smart video doorbell - J5. Tuya J5 is a next...

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Solar panel powered outdoor security camera

Do you want to have a security camera that utilizes solar panel as the power source? Well, here we recommend you the S1, it’s a wireless security camera that has a solar panel on its top. Additionally, the camera comes with an independent solar panel that keeps charging the internal battery with 200mA current per ...

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