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Unifore Seletable Frequency Photoelectric Beam Detectors

2019's best advanced photoelectric beam detectors for perimeter security

Unifore specializes in developing high performance security gears for both residential and commercial applications. Photobeam detectors are widely used in perimeter security system, Unifore is proud to supply advanced and new generation photoelectric beam detectors supporting 4-channel frequency selectable. 4-channel frequency helps photoelectric beam to avoid crosstalk interference for a long distance or stacking applications. Offering better and higher reliable detection performance, frequency selectable photoelectric beam are warmly welcomed by security installers/integrator. Frequency selectable photoelectric beam detectors are replacing conventional photobeam products, become the mainstream in market.

Unifore offers new generation ABT dual-beam series, ABE triple-beam series, ABH quadruple-beam series 4-channel frequency selectable photoelectric beam detectors. These detectors are far more better than conventional photobeam no matter comparing features and quality. Unifore advanced photoelectric beam products can work with your intrusion alarm system, perimeter security system, video surveillance system (cameras, DVRs/NVRs), home automation system, driveway alarm system, access control system. Our products provide owns many unique advantages including built-in micro-processor (MCU) instead of simple logic circuit design, temperature monitoring and regulation, heating ready for operation under extreme cold weather condition, true lightning protection. In order to demonstrate the excellent performance of our new generation photoelectric beam detector, we would like to use the ABT series dual-beam photoelectric detector to show the detailed information why it's better and more advanced than other photobeam from our counterparts.

Unifore ABH Qudruple Frequency Selectable Photoelectric Beam Detector
New Generation ABH Quadruple Photobeam Detector

180 Degree Rotatable Lens Design

The products adopts 2-axis rotatable structure design, the lens can be changed from 0-180 degree horizontally and 0-22 degree vertically. This provides a great flexibility so that the detectors can be installed on almost all environment. No matter you want to monitor or protect an array of windows or perimeter fence, Unifore photoelectric beam detectors can perfectly meet the installation requirements.

Discovering more on selectable frequency photobeam

Advanced photoelectric beam has micro processor

Most traditional photoelectric beam detectors merely include a logic IC design, Unifore advanced photoelectric beam has a micro processor which has programmed with firmware that offering special algorithm to process digital signals. Special algorithm helps the device accurately detect moving targets by filtering light interference, pets, birds, insects or tree leaves. This ensures the photoelectric beam can change Infrared wavelength/frequency according to DIP switch settings, users also can set interruption time which greatly help to detect fast or slow moving subject. Furthermore, it supports auto gain control function helping photobeam adapt to variable environments.

New Generation ABT Photobeam PCB Board
New Generation ABT Photobeam PCB Board

Work properly under extreme cold temperature

Unifore photoelectric beam detectors can operate properly in temperature range from -20 Celsius degree to 60 Celsius degree. Comparing other photoelectric beam from other brands and suppliers, our advanced photoelectric beam detectors have the capability to connect the heater(PTC resistor, convert electricity to heat). The product has built in temperature sensor to monitor environment temperature, once the photoelectric beam works below -20 Celsius degree environment, it will automatically switch on heater to keep the device warming.

High quality and reliable security detectors

Intending to improve product’s performance, Unifore photoelectric beam detectors include voltage and current regulator circuit design which most similar products don’t have. As we know photoelectric beam detectors generally installed outside, weatherproof or waterproof is critical to assure product quality. Comparing other photoelectric beam detectors from our rivals, our new generation photoelectric beam detectors adopt IP65 water-resistant enclosure design which stands up harsh weather condition such as dust, rain, dew, snow.

ABT Dual-beam Photoelectric Detector PCB Board

Lightning protection photobeam detectors

According to the study, nearly 50% photobeam damage is caused by improper or inadequate lightning protection. Unifore photobeam detector includes surge protector circuit ensure the detector is immune to the threat of lightning strike.

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