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IP camera module

HiSilicon IP Camera Firmware Download HC200, HC400, HC500, HC800

We have compiled a list of the latest firmware for Hisilicon SoC based security cameras. The firmware is compatible with camera modules including HC200C2, HC200E, HC200F, HC400L, HC500F, HC500L, HC800L. The camera modules employ Hisilicon H.265 processors such as Hi3516CV300, Hi3516D, Hi3516A, Hi3519. New firmware version has fixed many bugs, also added HTML5 support, users can use IE, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc browsers to access web interface of camera.

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HC200C2 IMX323 Hi3516CV300 2MP Camera

  • File: HC200C2_V0_AF_GB_V2.3.14_H5_201807251923.bin
  • Download link: http://t.cn/EI04QXX


  • File: HC200E_V0_V2.3.14_H5_201807251846.bin
  • Download link: http://t.cn/EI0bPYD

HC200F IMX290 Hi3516D 1080P Camera

  • File: HC200F_V0_AF_GB_V2.3.14_H5_201807251923.bin
  • Download link: http://t.cn/EI0b8n8

HC400L OV4689 Hi3516D IP Camera

  • File: HC400L_V1_GB_V2.3.14_H5_201807251924.bin
  • Download link: http://t.cn/EI0GPsn

HC500F IMX326 Hi3516D IP Camera

  • File: HC500F_V0_AF_GB_V2.3.14_H5_201807251924.bin
  • Download link: http://t.cn/EI0GMGO

HC500L 5MP Security Camera

  • File: HC500L_V0_AF_GB_V2.3.14_H5_201807251924.bin
  • Download link: http://t.cn/EI0G8Ym

HC800L 4K/8MP Security Camera

  • File: HC800L_V0_AF_GB_V2.3.14_H5_201807251924.bin
  • Download link: http://t.cn/EI0Gs5t


Firmware version V2.3.14 updates

  • Compatible IE/Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari browsers
  • IE plugin upgraded to V1.0.8.4, improve stream delivery
  • Motion detection/IO/human detection support audio linkage
  • Some models support human detection, cross line detection
  • Fix camera can not be discovered when IP set to 127.*
  • Fix connection problem between camera and Uniview NVR
  • Add upgrading through Onvif
  • Fix Danale App audio codec bug (G711U, G711A)
  • Add schedule maintenance
  • Fix Onvif verification bug

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