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1080p security cam/baby monitor

Top best 1080p security cam/baby monitor features temperature humidity sound monitoring

If you are looking for a 1080p security cam for baby monitoring, we introduce you the D1000G from Unifore. The camera not only provides easy remote view through smartphone, it also offers temperature and humidity monitoring. The camera is based on megapixel hardware design has capability of capturing 1920x1080 resolution FHD video. It comes free app and PC software for local and remote view, as adopting P2P technology, the camera offers wireless Wi-Fi connection, is super easy to setup and install.

Reliable Motion Detection with PIR Sensor

Unlike those cheap products, D1000G is a modern and high-end security camera, it adopts aesthetic mirror shape design including aluminum frame/enclosure. The mirror part supports manual rotation up to nearly 360 degree. This flexible design helps camera to fit in most installation conditions. D1000G is a smart security camera, it supports video-based motion detection, assist you to surveil house or monitor your baby as the baby monitor. Intending to provide human movement detection capability, the camera has a passive Infrared motion sensor built-in. The PIR motion sensor relies on passive infrared detection technology can accurately detect moving people by filtering false detection caused by sects, swaying object, wind blowing.

Most security cameras merely have video-based motion detection function, they’re prone to set off false alarms. Unifore D1000G features dual motion detection capability can greatly reduce false alarm rate. By using this cam, you and your neighbors are less likely been annoyed.

Temperature humidity monitoring alert

D1000G is able to send you instant push notification alerts once abnormal things occur inside your house/room. It can notify you when intruders breaks-in or your baby starts to move at night. Moreover, it monitors temperature degree and humidity of environment, it shows real-time temperature degree and humidity on video/image. You’re able to set alarm threshold, once temperature is lower or higher the preset degree, you will be notified too. This feature is especial welcomed for some application like server room which temperature monitoring is mandatory. The temperature and humidity sensor is detachable, if you don’t want it, just disconnect it from the camera body.

1080p smart security cam/baby monitor
1080p smart security cam/baby monitor

Sound detection capability

The cam has built-in a microphone to support sound detection. Using this function, you can detect sound of breaking glass (helps to protect your grocery store or house), or to detect crying of baby. It also has a speaker, it can be used as a siren to deter intruders when alarm occurs. It supports high quality 2-way audio intercom, remotely communicate with people through smartphone anywhere anytime.

Expandable security system

Unlike other smart cams, you can expand the camera to have your own unique powerful security system. The cam can work with up to 64pcs wireless burglar alarm detectors such as reed switch, wireless PIR motion sensor, wireless shock sensor, wireless flood sensor, wireless glass break sensor...etc. By adding a various type of security sensors, you can customize a your own system that fit your own requirement. You can easily add and delete the sensor through smartphone, and arm/disarm the system remotely with a mobile phone. The cam will operate like a brain of system, when detectors is triggered, it will send push notification to users via Internet.

Up to 128GB video recording/storage

The cam has built-in a microSD/TF card slot to accept max. 128GB TF memory card. The camera can record video footage regardless network condition. No matter network is on or off, the camera can record video to the TF memory card. The included app supports manual/24hours, schedule, alarm event three recording methods. It generally meets most video recording requirement. Additionally, it complies ONVIF specification and embedded RTSP protocol, the camera can work with your new or existing DVR/NVR recorders, Synology/QNAP NAS, or free VMS software such as BlueIris, iSpy, Xprotect.

1080p smart security cam/baby monitor
1080p smart security cam/baby monitor
1080p smart security cam/baby monitor

As experienced product manager and security adviser, I highly recommend the D1000G, it offers versatile functionality that meet different requirements of application. The camera adopts high-end design and accepts 128GB memory card to record video. You’re able to operate the camera without subscribe cloud storage service, the cam also can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other security devices such as NVRs, NAS, VMS, or even home automation system. The cam is a high quality camera delivers crystal clear 1920x1080 resolution image, most users are happy to own and use it, it also receives many good reviews and feedback.

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