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Solar powered wireless security camera HK-C5

Solar powered security camera compatible Tuya Smart Smart Life app

Wireless  solution is better than hardwird/Ethernet/PoE for almost all video surveillance projects regardless the project is for a house, workshop or even holiday resort. If the weather condition permits, solar powered cameras can be best components for your wireless video surveillance solution. We are delighted to introduce you the HK-C5, the next generation solar powered wireless security camera that based on Tuya IoT platform. The product not only supports wireless Wi-Fi connection, it also elimites the wiring for the power. By choosing HK-C5 solar powered security camera, users can greatly reduce the installation fee, also it's maintenance free. Comparing to other models or similar products from rivals, HK-C5 uses 18650 type rechargeable battery, the battery can be easily replaced by users without disassembling the camera. 

Product Features

  • Simple installation, or Do-it-yourself installation
  • All-in-one Pro design, including a 6V6Watt high power silicon panel on camera's top
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi low power consumption communication module
  • Next generation low power consumption 1080p camera
  • 3x 18650pcs Lithium-ion battery, maximum 6000-9000mHA capacity
  • Maintenance friendly design, users can replace the battery without disassembling the camera
  • Next generation image processing technology, 1080p FHD crystal clear image
  • 1080p FHD 25 frames per second full-time video streaming
  • Night vision distance up to 15 meters
  • AES encrypted video streaming to protect your privacy
  • Motion detection, sending push notification when abnormal activities occur
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, onsite voice monitoring and 2-way intercom
  • Built-in microSD card slot supports max. 128GB edge storage/video recording to memory card
  • Optional cloud storage plan from Tuya
  • Based on global leading IoT platform Tuya
  • Integrated solution, work with third-party IoT devices
  • IP66 rated waterproof design for outdoor application
Solar Powered Security Camera Installed in Resort HK-C5
Solar Powered Security Camera Installed in Resort HK-C5

Why choose Tuya HK-C5 camera?

HK-C5 is a high quality outdoor security camera, all-in-one design that includes solar panel, Wi-Fi module and battery built-in, it offers 1080p FHD video that is quite adequate for residential and commercial video surveillance applications. It not only supports video recording to its memory card (not included), but also supports premium cloud storage service.

HK-C5 adopts the global leading IoT platform - Tuya, it works with Tuya smart or Smart Life app. The robust platform provides fast and reliable video connection, and it provides AES encrypted transmission to protect privacy. In addition to reliable connection, Tuya platform supports connection from thousands types of IoT devices. Users are able to control them from one app, this brings much convenience for users and it’s also economical.

Lastly, different IoT devices can be interacted with each other. The camera can interact with your smart sockes or smart lights to achieve customized home automation. This is pretty amazing, this also ensures that you’re able to expand the system (for instance, adding some smart devices) in the future.

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