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Tuya Fingerprint Smart Locks

Review/test Tuya Smart Fingerprint Locks

A couple days ago I got the opportunity to test some smart locks that working with Tuya Smart / Smart Life app. Before this test, changing the deadbolt for my condominium is the only experience I have about the locks. The test is done without real installation, since I realize smart locks are not suitable for do-it-yourself installation. Of course, if you have experience or want to be a tech-savvy, you can have a try.

Modern Sleek Metal Smart Locks

When I firstly received the smart locks, I was surprised by the size of package box. This indicates the size of smart lock is big and much larger than traditional locks. The smart locks look very professional and high-end, apparently the whole product is made of metal material, which is either zinc-alloy or aluminum. The reflective glass paint/coat is not only very beautiful, but also doesn’t have fingerprints.

Tuya Smart Locks
Tuya Smart Locks

Comparing with real installation, the best procedure is straightforward and only takes two steps. Connect the connector between the frontend panel and the rear panel, then put the battery inside to the battery chamber of the rear panel.

Removable Battery Pack (Rechargeable Lithium-ion)

The removable battery pack design is ingenious, it’s a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack 3.6V, the battery pack has a microUSB port for convenient battery charging. When battery runs out, you can easily charge the battery by connecting to the USB port of cellphone chargers or computers. For those smart locks using AA or AAA batteries, the producer/engineer may ignore the problem that chemicals depriving from AA/AAA batteries will erode the metal smart locks if batteries run out and aren’t removed.

On the rear panel, I can clearly find the power supply PCB board and motor, as well as a Tuya module (Wi-Fi or ZigBee). It should be noted that the PCB board has a glue coat for waterproof purpose. This can help the product against moisture.

Biometric fingerprint Virutal Password MIFARE Cards

Tuya smart locks offer multiple unlocking and locking methods. The most convenient way is scanning the fingerprints. In this test, I don’t test the biometric unlocking function. It also has a touch keypad, it has backlit design, it only turns on when “#” is taped. Users can tape the password to lock and unlock.

On the rear panel, it has lock and unlock buttons, pressing the button the lock will lock or unlock the door immediately respectively. You can find a tiny hole between the lock and unlock buttons, it’s the place where the reset button is. Pressing the reset button can reset the smart doorbell to factory status (removing all settings).

In addition to biometric fingerprint and password, it also supports MIFARE cards. Inside the box, you can find two pieces of tiny cards. Putting the card to the card icon of the front panel, users can unlock the door immediately.

Adding Smart Locks to Tuya Smart/Smart Life App

It’s super easy to adding smart locks to Tuya Smart/Smart Life app. However, initially I failed to do it since no useful instructions I could find on manual. Firstly, waking up the device by taping “*”, then taping “* #”, and now you need to create an administrator password. After finish creating the administrator password, you’re allowed to enter into the main menu.

Remotely Unlock and Temperary Password

Once you have added this smart lock to your smartphone, you’re able to remotely access or control the smart lock. It should be noted that remote unlocking only become available when the smart locks is awake, you can wake the device up by taping the “Dingdong” (bell icon) key to wake it up. This means if smart lock is in hibernate/sleep mode, locks can’t be unlocked remotely through smartphone. Well, this is a good security measure to avoid unlocking caused by false operation on app.

The App function is complete and all menus are functional, on the top of page, it displays the battery status. On the middle of page, it displays the real-time status of the lock and history of lock/unlock events. It also supports temperary password function, you can create/manage the temperary password. 

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