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Weatherproof/Waterproof Outdoor Smart Doorbell

Durable Outdoor Smart Doorbell 12-24V AC with Backup Battery

When we plan to buy smart doorbells for apartments or houses, it’s recommended to select the one which meets IP65 ingress protection standard. Smart doorbells that meet IP65 ingress protection standard can be used for both indoor and outdoor environment. The product has to adopt full-sealed design therefore can be weatherproof/waterproof. Even for indoor installation or application, smart doorbells feature weatherproof helps product to against moisture, dust, and unexpected water leakage therefore offer high reliability and durability.

Tuya J1 smart doorbell is a weatherproof smart doorbell, the smart doorbell employs megapixel CMOS image sensor and high-performance processor to deliver 1920x1080p FHD resolution video. The product utilizes low power consumption design and built-in Wi-Fi module and rechargeable battery, therefore can support completely wireless/wire-free installation. The smart doorbell has a microUSB port for convenient battery charging.

Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Smart Doorbell
Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Smart Doorbell

In addition to wireless installation, the product also has power inputs, users can wire the doorbell to 12V-24V AC power sources (for example, 24V AC transformer of existing door chime system). The AC power will be used as the main power and battery operates in backup mode. As no need to charge the battery periodically, wired power connection eliminates maintenance and improves the reliability.

Smart Doorbell with Rain/Sun Shield
Rain/Sun Shield

Comparing with similar products in market, Tuya J1 smart doorbell comes with a sun/rain shield that prevents direct sun light/dust/snow/rain from the doorbell. We can find two metal contacts on the sun/rain shield, they’re used to connect the AC power source. This design is very ingenious, it not only conceals the wires, but also makes maintenance become more convenient (you don’t need to cut wires intending to uninstall the doorbell).

Smart Doorbell Full Sealed Design
Smart Doorbell Full Sealed Design

The removable back cover has gasket design to ensure the product meets IP65 rated ingression protection. Furthermore, users can conveniently replace the internal batteries without openning the doorbell.

18650 batteries for smart doorbell
18650 batteries for smart doorbell

Including two pieces 18650 rechargeable batteries, two pieces of 18650 battery provide up to 6700mAH capacity. How long will the smart doorbell battery last? Under normal usage, the smart doorbell battery lasts approximately 6 months.

    The battery's specification shows as below:
  • Part number: CM1CR18650F9 YHD
  • Type: 18650
  • Brand: CHAM
  • Certificates: UL/BIS/CE/CB/PSE/UN38.3
  • Model: 18650F9L
  • Standard voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 3350mAH
  • Weight: 45g
  • Max. constant output current: 4.5A (1.5C)
  • Internal Resistant: <=60mΩ
  • Cycle life: 300
  • Working temperature: ~20-60℃
Battery chamber of smart doorbell
Battery chamber

Tuya J1 smart doorbell has microSD card slot design, maximum supported size is 128G, and the smart doorbell can store pictures and videos on the memory card. Therefore you don't need to use extra network video recorders for video recording. It's also not required to subscribe cloud storage plan. However, Tuya offers paid cloud storage if you think local storage is not secure and unreliable.

MicroSD card slot on smart doorbell
MicroSD card slot on smart doorbell

Under the bottom of smart doorbell, openning the rubber you can find a microUSB port and a tiny reset hole. The rubber can prevent water entering into the product.

MicroUSB port on Smart Doorbell
MicroUSB port on Smart Doorbell

Inside the box, you can find a wireless chime receiver. The wireless chime receiver doesn't use Wi-Fi, it uses 433MHz requency to communicate with the doorbell. The doorbell can works with multiple wireless chime receivers and the range is up to 100 meters. The cute wireless chime receiver has a foldable USB port, and it can be powered by your computers and cellphone chargers, as well as 5V power adapters.

Wireless Chime Receiver for Smart Doorbell
Wireless Chime Receiver

In conclusion, this is a pretty good smart doorbell which suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. It's super easy to setup the doorbell, no complicated network settings. Just letting camera scan the QR code (of your Wi-Fi), the camera can establish the connection and be online instantly. From the pictures we have shared, we know it truly meets IP65 ingress protection requirement, the product can work reliably in the long term. Additionally, there is angle mount bracket avaialbe for users who wish to extend the viewing angle of the doorbell.

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