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HD video surveillance monitoring room

Global video surveillance market has new changes. According to IHS survey, the sales turnover of network camera is two times higher than the total sales of analog products. If count the market share, network has already occupied 40%.

Resulting in price and quantity of unequal proportion, mainly because the p...

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Camera CMOS Image Sensor Module

Recently, the second largest CMOS image sensor global manufacturer - OmniVision launched two new mobile camera applicable CMOS image sensors, which are 13 megapixel OV13880 and 5 megapixel OV5880. Two sensors can start to ship in the end of this year, expected mass production can be achieved by early next year.

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Hikvision - DarkFight Smart IP Camera

Recently, Hikvision released its semi-annual revenue report. According to the report, Hikvision continue to maintain rapid high growth. During the reporting period, the company achieved total revenue income of 1.58 billion US dollar, increased up to 62.84%, and the revenue of domestic market is 1.15 billion US dolla...

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Dahua Thermal IP Camera on SecuTech 2015

Dahua - one of pioneer video surveillance system manufacturers. The company encounters one of the biggest challenges - to built marketing, and sale distribution channels in Western markets. Dahua acknowledged the failure of its distribution strategy. Now experts say that instead of solving these problems, Dahua whim...

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Techpoint HD-TVI 2.0

HD-TVI is one of analog high definition technologies, since the release of this new technology, Hikvision launched turbo HD came...

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