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Techpoint HD-TVI 2.0

Techpoint released HD-TVI 2.0 technical specification

HD-TVI is one of analog high definition technologies, since the release of this new technology, Hikvision launched turbo HD cameras and DVRs are based on HD-TVI. HD-TVI is an open technology, which firstly introduced and released by Techpoint in 2014. With the highly successful launch of the HD-TVI technology last year. Techpoint released HD-TVI 2.0 technology at IFSEC 2015 in London.

HD-TVI 2.0 Receiver chipsets 

  • TP2823: 4 Channel 720P receiver with 960H support
  • TP2824: 4 Channel 1080P receiver with 960H support
  • TP2802: 4 Channel 1080P receiver
  • TP9801: 1 Channel 1080P/720P receiver

HD-TVI 2.0 Transmitter chipsets 

  • TP2801: 1080P transmitter supporting 1080P30/25 and 720P60/50
  • TP2803: 720P transmitter supporting 720P30/25

HD-SDI Receivers:

  • CX25929-51Z: 4 Channel HD-SDI receiver
  • CX25930-11Z: 4 Channel 3G-SDI receiver with Loopback
  • CX25929-31Z: 4 Channel HD-SDI receiver with 4 Channel Audio
  • CX25930-31Z: 4 Channel HD-SDI receiver with 4 Channel Audio and 4 Channel Loopback               
  • CX25930-41Z: 4 Channel 3G-SDI Receiver with 4 Channel Audio and 4 Channel Loopback

What's HD-TVI?

HD-TVI means High Definition Transport Video Interface, It is a DSP-TVI technology developed by Techpoint, and the Chipset was sold to Intersil , Chinese manufacture, such as Hikvision, HanBang, put this technology into their new product.

Security camera companies Dahua, Hikvision in the transfer of HD-image through a coaxial cable takes an interesting turn. HDCVI - in house technology of Dahua, however, Hikvision, as it turned out, gets HDTVI standard chips on the side.

Real developer standard of HDTVI is California company Techpoint. The company was established three years ago by the former top management of a major producer of electronic components Techwell after selling the last concern Intersil. According Techpoint, transmission standard for digital video coax HD-SDI was developed by experts it was her, but later found a number of technical and commercial obstacles to its implementation. In parallel, HD-SDI engineers developed a solution for analog and HD-video transmission. Noting the past two years, a growing interest in high-definition analog TV guide Techpoint decided to start promoting the new standard HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface).

That company produces Techpoint transmitting and receiving units for broadcasting video over coax standard HD-TVI. The parameters of the transmitted signal - resolution up to Full HD 1080p, frame rate up to 30fps, transmission distance up to 500 meters of coaxial cable type 75-ohm 3C-2V. There's also a two-way transmission of control signals. Chipset HD-TVI, as reported on the website of the manufacturer supplied more than one hundred companies, including Hikvision, TVT, AVTech, IDIS "And many others." Perhaps the "others" is simply cautious without being fully confident that the new standard has a reasonable market prospects.

HD-TVI Interface Diagram
HD-TVI Interface Diagram

HD-TVI highlights

  • Broadcasting 720p/1080p high definition analog video
  • Transmit video and audio signal, and data signal over traditional coaxial cable
  • Real time preview without any transmission delay
  • No video compression, no quality loss problem
  • Long range transmission distance at 300 - 500M
  • Affordable price compare with HD-SDI & IP CCTV system
  • Same cabling structure with analog system, Easy to upgrade your existing analog system to HD system

About Techpoint

Headquarter in San Jose USA, Techpoint specializes in offering integrated circuits for high definition video surveillance and broadcasting. It's a semiconductor company provide HD-TVI and HD-SDI receiver and transmitter chipsets for video surveillance products. Techpoint aims to address the growing needs of the next generation high definition video markets.  With design centers at multiple US locations, as well as office in China, Korea, and Japan.

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