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Hikvision - DarkFight Smart IP Camera

Hikvision ranks No.1 in the global video surveillance market

Recently, Hikvision released its semi-annual revenue report. According to the report, Hikvision continue to maintain rapid high growth. During the reporting period, the company achieved total revenue income of 1.58 billion US dollar, increased up to 62.84%, and the revenue of domestic market is 1.15 billion US dollar, increased 64.48% compared with last year; the oversea market total revenue is 0.413 billion US dollar, increased 58.73% compared with last year. In mid-year of 2015, the company achieved a total net profit of 0.356 billion US dollar, increased 45.2% compared with last year.

During the reporting period, the domestic economy continues to face downward pressure; however, the video surveillance industry shifts focus from traditional government-led projects to the civilian market. On oversea market, the demand of video surveillance products keep stable increasing in EU countries, meanwhile the demand in the Middle East and Latin America and other emerging economies, the video surveillance market is rapidly expanding. In general, the overview of video surveillance market is still optimistic.

Relying on leading-edge technology innovation, improve product development system and quality control system, the increasing domestic and international marketing network, as well as the integration of industry solutions capabilities, the company in the global market continues to maintain a rapid growth, and ensure continued leadership in traditional business, based on gradually extended to become a leading video products and content service providers.

Hikvision company's share in the segments of the global video surveillance market

Rank Market Share Rank Market Share Rank Market Share
All CCTV 1 16,3% 1 10,9% 1 8,0%
All Cameras 1 17,3% 1 11,9% 3 7,8%
Analog Cameras 1 13,3% 2 10,1% 2 6,2%
IP Cameras 1 18,9% 2 13,0% 3 9,7%
Video Encoders 1 13,1% 2 9,5% 2 6,0%
Video Management Software (VMS) 4 5,8% 3 5,4% 3 3,8%
Network Video Recorders (NVR) 1 15,7% 1 6,6% Below 10
Digital Video Recorders (DVR) 1 26,3% 1 16,4% 1 14,2%
Megapixel Network Security Cameras 1 20,6% 2 13,0% 2 11,1%
Network Video Surveillance Equipment 1 16,2% 2 10,4% 3 7,2%

The company continues to benefit from high growth performance because a number of factors:

As the world's largest video surveillance solutions provider, Hikvision has a higher brand awareness. Successfully breakthrough the history record in innovation and business extension, enables the company to take full advantage of the potential change in the industry and then seize the emerging markets, achieve rapid growth and sustainable development.

The company has a strong R & D capability, continued high investment in R & D model allows the company in video image processing, video display, codec, video intelligence analysis, technical accumulation aspect image recognition, multimedia transmission, multimedia storage, and video cloud computing, cloud video storage to have a lot of technology accumulation and rapid commercialization of technology. Sustainable development capabilities to ensure the company's research and development applications, also can quickly develop H.265 standard products.

The company has a huge domestic and international marketing network, also has a deep understanding on industry and end-user demand. Hikvision has set up 35 branch offices covering all provinces and autonomous regions, and anchored with branches extending downward. The industry's most extensive coverage of most of the support system, so that the company could go to a user-level response to the project's various partners and security needs, and be able to research and development department feedback information line of functional requirements. In addition, the company set up 20 subsidiaries worldwide, effectively shortening the distance from the end-user, the products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions.

The company has experienced and stable management team, the use of mass production to ensure cost advantage. Mass production, refinement of the production technology and high standards of quality control and consistency of production management system, allows the company with cost advantages, production efficiency and punctuality production capacity, and at the same time maintain high quality standards of products. In addition, the company introduced the production facilities, logistics systems and process automation equipment, and constantly optimize the operation and enhance production flexibility, improve production efficiency.