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Dahua Thermal IP Camera on SecuTech 2015

Dahua acknowledged the failure of distribution strategy

Dahua - one of pioneer video surveillance system manufacturers. The company encounters one of the biggest challenges - to built marketing, and sale distribution channels in Western markets. Dahua acknowledged the failure of its distribution strategy. Now experts say that instead of solving these problems, Dahua whimpering and frightening consumers. All this has a negative impact on the company's expansion of cheap surveillance products in the western market.

Dahua has no formal distribution channels in many Western countries, Dahua's official website even doesn't list the authorized distributors. In the US, this situation is most noticeable. Anyone who wants to buy "branded" Dahua products has to purchase it through the unauthorized seller. Alternatively, buying Dahua OEM products. However, almost everyone who supplies such products, can not be recognized that products are OEM at Dahua. Additionally, under the contract, Dahua has no right to say who delivers its products through OEM, which creates a grotesque situation.

Consequently, the online shops where you can buy Dahua products have increased explosively. The most noticeable of them - Aliexpress: there are more than 10 thousand Dahua products. Then Alibaba and Amazon. There are hundreds of online stores selling Dahua surveillance products.

On June 23, Dahua released a kind of memorandum, which declared that the company no longer going to tolerate it. It also tried to frighten customers by claiming that the product sold online maybe "counterfeit and fake". This declaration is attached a list of 22 unauthorized sellers with the statement that it's only a portion of them.

Warm reminded: the products brought from the unauthorized channels may be counterfeit and shoddy products. Dahua is unable to guarantee to provide the warranty services and technical support for the products brought from the unauthorized channels. Please purchase from the authorized channels.

— Dahua Official Statement

This time, Dahua didn't disclose any names of their legal, authorized distributors. To check the seller's rights, it's necessary to send a request to the company by email. Additionally, the company does not do anything against rogue traders. Do not penalized by Dahua event those who stole company's website domain in New Zealand (http://dahuasecurity.co.nz/). The company just got himself in this country exclusive distributor.

Problems of unauthorized dealers doesn't only happen to Dahua, but the second giant manufacturer from China - Hikvision. However, Hikvision sells products in the West under its own brand name and has a clear list of those who actually authorized it as a distributor.

Despite the fact that Dahua attempts to solve the problem of weak distribution structure, experts point out that this is a positive step. After all, many consumers are still willing to buy Dahua security products.

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