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HDCVI sustainable growth Honeywell launched HDCVI products

Global video surveillance market has new changes. According to IHS survey, the sales turnover of network camera is two times higher than the total sales of analog products. If count the market share, network has already occupied 40%.

Resulting in price and quantity of unequal proportion, mainly because the price of coaxial HD products are relatively cheaper than network products, slightly higher than the price of conventional products. Analog HD products are ideal for selling in distribution channels, they are very popular among customers from residential, retail, commercial etc small and medium video surveillance projects. So some experts and manufacturers reckon that although the network camera is the mainstream, but the introduction of high-definition cameras slows down the speed which network cameras rapidly occupy market share.

HD-over-coaxial CVI, TVI, AHD

Currently, three main HD-over-coaxial solution occupy the analog video surveillance market: HDCVI, HDCVI, AHD.

AHD was developed by NextChip, the company is a professional video encoding and decoding chipsets manufacturer. Since Nextchip offers the complete AHD solution which includes front-end and back-end chipsets that will not cause threat to security camera manufacturers, also can be back-compatible with 960H, so many small and medium size manufacturers are delighted to promote AHD products.

TVI originally comes from an American company, TVI technology can convert digital signal to analog, and extend to long transmission distance, so that save the cost on installation, also reduce video storage size. Through coaxial cable, the video transmission distance can reach up to 300 - 500 meters. Additionally, TVI can transmit CVBS 75 Ohm analog signal and 1080p/720p at 30fps HD analog signal. Simply replace the conventional analog camera and DVR with TVI camera and TVI DVR, user can upgrade the existing system to 1080p HD system, additional knowledge or construction work are not required. Currently, only Hikvision promotes HD-TVI products. However, Hikvision mainly focus on network products, it will not put much emphasis on analog market.

Dahua launched HDCVI technology, it has listed in GA/T1211-2014 (Public Security Industry Standard) as technology standard in China. Dahua owns HDCVI independent intellectual property rights and patents, CVI adopts baseband and quadrature amplitude modulation technology, which is able to avoid CVBS cross talk, completely separate brightness and hue signal, and further enhances video quality. According to relative test results, CVI has advantages on technology, but in market promotion, HDCVI products are still expensive, many distributors and consumers still hesitate to use.

HD-CVI keeps sustainable growth

Although HDCVI has been criticized by competitors, Dahua determined to promote CVI in analog video surveillance. After Dahua officially released HDCVI technology in 2012, the company launched HDCVI 2.0 standard in last CPSE (China Public Security Expo), the CVI standard becomes more and more clear and professional. Thereafter the company released 1080P&720P HDCVI Optic transmitters, HDCVI DVR DH-HCVR7816S series, HDCVI Night Eagle cameras series etc new products, intended to provide a whole range of HD-CVI products. From this point, since HDCVI has advantages in technology, Dahua seems don't fear the difficulty of market promotion.

Honeywell HQA HD analog surveillance products
Honeywell HQA HD analog surveillance products

Now, coming to the critical time to diminish standard definition products, HDCVI is taken up the leading position to promote their products. While in this year, the biggest western video surveillance manufacturer - Honeywell officially launched HD-CVI products with their new name 'HQA". Awkwardly named "High Quality Analog" (HQA) can offer up to 1080p video via analog. A&S magazine editor reckons that CVI is a good upgrading solution for conventional analog video surveillance, many manufacturers see this business opportunity and choose to join the HDCVI alliance.

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