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Hi3535 HD Network Video Recorder

Hi3535 HD Network Video Recorder - 16 Channel 1080p

Unifore is the professional NVR manufacturer offers H.264 and H.265 series HD network video recorders that based on Hisilicon high performance processors. EN7253 is an industrial network video recorder is designed for recording the H.264 video streams, this NVR has total 100Mbps incoming bandwidth, this NVR supports multiple video stream formats include 5-megapixel, 3-megapixel, FHD 1080P, HD 960P.

EN7253 is a standalone NVR that has embedded Linux OS to offer reliable video and audio recording performance. It offers multiple video recording mode options, supports motion detection and privacy mask, and the video retrieving is super easy, allowing users to query video footage according to time, calendar, event. Including setup wizard, users can setup and install this NVR in minutes.  The NVR has P2P protocol, the NVR can automatically connect to Internet without DDNS and port forwarding configuration. Authorized users can use smartphone, tablet, PC to access NVR and watch HD live video anywhere anytime.

Hi3535 NVR PCB Board
EN7253 Hi3535 NVR - 4 SATA HDDs

EN7253 is a 1.5U chassis rack mountable NVR, this NVR leverages the cutting-edge H.264 video decoding processor Hi3535 to provide video recording and live video monitoring. Hi3535 is the latest H.264 video processor that dedicated to NVR solution. Thanks to the Hisilicon Hi3535, the EN7253 can provide the following video recording capability:

  • 25 Channel 1280x960 (960P), real-time (25x30fps=750fps), 25x(1280*960)+sub[720*576]+4Ref.+9Play
  • 16 Channel 1920x1080 (1080P), real-time (16x30fps=480fps), 16x(1920*1080)+sub[960*576]+4Ref.+4Play
  • 8 Channel 2048x1536 (3-Megapixel), real-time (8x30fps=240fps), 8x(2048*1536)+sub[960*576]+4Ref.+4Play
  • 4 Channel 2592x1944 (5-Megapixel), real-time (4x30fps=120fps), 4x(2592*1944)+sub[960*576]+4Ref.+1Play
EN7253 Hi3535 NVR Interfaces
EN7253 Hi3535 NVR Interfaces

Furthermore, the NVR features four SATA interfaces each supporting up to 4/6TB HDD, it also features an e-SATA port allowing unlimited video storage expansion. Checking its rear panel, the NVR has HDMI and VGA ports to support dual local video output at up to 1920x1080 resolution. This advanced recorder also supports audio and video recording simultaneously, so it has an Audio input and an Audio output, can provide two-way audio intercom. In addition to 2x USB 2.0, this NVR offer additional USB 3.0 port to provide 10Gbit super-fast data transferring. This is an advanced NVR has rich peripheral interfaces, it has 4 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs, allowing it to be easily integrated with other diversity security systems such as security sensors, alarm systems, home automation system, access control system and video intercom system. It also supports RS485 connection, can work with IP PTZ cameras.

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