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720p WiFi Camera GM8135S + SC1045

Cheap 720p WiFi IP Cameras GM8135S + SC1045 solution

Image signal encoding processor and image sensor are two core components for each of IP cameras. Unifore home IP cameras mainly leverage Hisilicon high-performance SoC and OmniVision HDR CMOS image sensor to capture superior 720p high definition video. Because the high image quality, and robust functionalities, plus the affordable price, our home IP cameras gained popularity among global users. 

In order to keep the competitiveness of our products,  we decide to launch the Grain Media SoC + SmartSens CMOS image sensor based home IP cameras that come with lower price. The new solution includes GM8136S + SC2035, which can deliver 1080p@30fps performance, and GM8135S + SC1045 solution to capture 1280x720 HD resolution video at 30 frames per second.

What’s the difference between the previous Hisilicon and the current Grain Media solution?  In terms of functionality and image quality, they are quite similar, however, the cost of Hisilicon solution is higher than Grain Media solution. According to our survey, most of our competitor’s products are adopting the Grain Media solution, so that the price of their products is lower than ours. 

Grain Media (升迈科技) is a Taiwanese high-tech company specializes in developing HD video processing solution for video surveillance. Nowadays, many home IP cameras employ Grain Media SoCs including some brands such as Starvedia, Lorex, Vstarcam, Wanscam etc.  

Turnkey Application Block Diagram
Turnkey Application Block Diagram

Currently, the Grain Media SoCs include GM8125/GM8126, GM8135S/GM8136S, GM8138/GM8138S. Among them GM8135S/GM8136S and GM8138/GM8138S have internal SiP DDR design, GM8125/GM8126 have DDR controller requires external DDR. According to the datasheet, both GSM8136S and GM8138S support the same image resolution and video encoding capability. However, GSM8138S can support Gigabyte bandwidth. GM8136S and GM8138S have internal SiP 1GB DDR, support 1080p video resolution, while GM8135 has internal 512MB DDR, only support 720p@45fps video encoding. Additionally, GM8135S has no ISP design to reduce power consumption.

GM8126 Pan Tilt P2P IP Camera
GM8126 Pan Tilt P2P IP Camera
GM8126 P2P Cube IP Camera
GM8126 P2P Cube IP Camera

Next, introducing the SmartSens SC1045 SoC, the SmartSens is a quite new Chinese CMOS image sensor developing and manufacturing company, mainly funded by local government. An anonymous commented: "Smartsens 720p sensors have been used by a major surveillance equipment company in China for IP and analog camera products." SC1045 is a 1/4" type 1.0 megapixel CMOS image sensor, mainly targeting to video surveillance market, this image sensor adopts 3.0umx3.0um 4T FSI pixel technology, supports 1280Hx720V @ 30fps image capturing.

Product Features

  • Easy to install & Setup: Build-in P2P (Peer to Peer) function
  • Megapixel 1/4” CMOS sensor in High Resolution
  • Resolution: 720p(1280x720)/VGA(640x480)/QVGA(320x240)
  • Motion Detection: Alarm recording and send notification to mobile by automatically
  • Support Two-way audio, H.264 compression
  • Support Max. 32GB Micro SD card
  • iPhone, iPad, Andriod mobile phone , Tablet PC, Window PC platform
  • Pan & Tilt (Horizontal 0 ~270 degree, Vertical 0 ~120 degree), Day & Night, IR-Cut

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