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Hi3520D 720p/960p HD NVR

4-channel 720p/960p HD NVR Hi3520D - CoT Pro Camera

Introducing you the 1x SATA HDD H.264 network video recorder (NVR) that based on Hisilicon Hi3520D, complying with ONVIF standard (version 2.4, Profile S). The EN6243D NVR is exclusively designed to meet the cost-effective IP surveillance applications for home security and surveillance. This NVR can perfectly work with CoT Pro smart WiFi Cameras to offer reliable video recording functionality.

Unifore EN6243D can offer real-time (30fps) video recording and live video monitoring for 4 IP cameras with 720p and 960p resolution. This NVR adopts 1.5U chassis size, 1 SATA interface, can connect with 1 HDD to provide max. 4/6TB video storage capacity. It offers multiple video recording options including manual, schedule, event. When the HDD is full, the NVR will overwrite the oldest video footage to keep recording. On its rear panel, the NVR has 2x USB 2.0 ports for mouse operation and video backup, 1 VGA video output to connect with traditional LCD/LED monitor and 1 HDMI video output to support HDTV.

Hi3520D 4-channel 720p/960p NVR
Hi3520D NVR - Rear Panel
Hi3520D 4-channel 720p/960p NVR
Hi3520D NVR - Internal

This is a standalone NVR system that has embedded Linux OS, including professional video management software to offer reliable recording performance, and it adopts Hisilicon Hi3520D as the core processor to support 4-channel 720p@30fps simultaneously decoding capability, which means the NVR supports 4-channel 720p video playback. Hisilicon is the global leading HD video surveillance system-on-chip (SoC) solution provider. The company launched Hi3520D, Hi3535, Hi3536 targeted to HD DVR and NVR products, and Hi3518, Hi3516A, Hi3516C, Hi3516D, Hi3519 etc HD IP camera SoCs.

Hi3520D NVR - Hisilicon SoC
Hi3520D NVR - Hisilicon SoC

How many days does this NVR can record? To estimate the required video storage capacity, you can use the following formula:

3600s (per hour)x24 hours (per day)xBitrate (2048kbps)/8 (Bit converts to byte)/1024 (Megabytes)/1024 (Gigabytes)= 21GB

So, one 4TB HDD can continuously record up to 48 days when the NVR connects up to 4x 720p HD IP cameras. The default bitrate setting of 720p IP camera is 2048Kb/s, the required network bandwidth is 2048Kb/s÷8 (1 byte=8 bit) = 256Kb/s = 2Mb/s; for the 1080p IP cameras, the birate is 4096Kb/s, the required network bandwidth is 4096Kb/s÷8 (1 byte=8 bit) = 512Kb/s = 4Mb/s

4-channel 720p/960p NVR with HDD
Hi3520D NVR - with installed HDD

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