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Hisilicon SoC on NVR/DVR Boards

HD H.264 NVR Core Engine - Hi3535 Processor

Hisilicon SoC solutions become so prevalent, the company launched Hi3535 in the early 2014, this SoC has been widely used in HD NVRs that support 1080p/3MP/5MP resolution at H.264 video compression. According to the datasheet of Hi3535, it utilizes A9 core processor, allowing 5 channel video decoding at 1080p resolution, that's 4 channel preview and 1 channel playback.

In addition to having faster processing speed, compared with Hi3531, the Hi3535 SoC supports USB 3.0 and has Audio codec built-in. Hi3535 is dedicated to provide video encoding and decoding solution for NVRs, so it doesn't support 4-channel D1/960H video codec. Regarding to the difference between Hi3531 and Hi3535, you can refer to figure 1.

Hi3535 vs Hi3531
Figure 1 (Comparison between Hi3535 and Hi3531)

Hisilicon's Hi3535 chip can be applied to AHD/TVI/CVI DVR and NVR products, because Hi3535 owns two GMAC web interface (2x RJ45 ports), with network switch and storage devices hardware design, plus the embedded video management software (VMS), it's quite suitable for IP video surveillance applications, that's a set of NVR. In addition, Hi3535 SoC can be used to AHD/TVI/CVI DVR products when it cooperates with corresponding AHD/TVI/CVI signal receiver chips, the Hi3535 is able to process up to 8-channel HD video signals simultaneously. Lastly, Hisilicon has launched Hi3536 SoC, which is a high-performance H.265 codec SoC for the next-generation HEVC/H.265 NVRs.

Hi3535 NVR/DVR Diagram
Figure 2 (Hi3535 NVR/DVR Diagram)

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