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Smart doorbell camera can unlock electronic lock via App

Best Wireless Doorbell Camera Can Unlock Door Remotely via App

Have you recently heard some similar news that a burglar enters through unlocked door, steals family heirlooms, cash, a car? Burglary is so normal in our daily life, it happens in every eighteen seconds, here you may check some astonishing statistics about the burglary crimes.  According to the latest crime report, 30% of burglars enter a home via an unlocked door or window. A surprising amount of intruders access homes through open or unlocked entrances. First floor doors and windows are especially well-liked by burglars-particularly whenever a intruder can be concealed behind overgrown vegetation.

1# Reason why you need use a smart doorbell camera

Almost 34% of burglars enter through leading door. If they walk via an open entry way or activate a locked one, thieves aren’t timid about making use of your home’s primary entry way.

Instead of waiting police officers to catch these criminals, you should invest a little money to increase your house’s safety, you install a smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera to help you deter intruders and monitor your house. Wi-Fi doorbell cameras not only can replace your old fashioned doorbell so that you can answer door wherever you’re, but also improve the safety of your house by offering perimeter security. It can deter bad people in case your kids forgot to lock the door.

2# What a smart doorbell camera does?

What’s a smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera? A smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera sends reliable alerts to your smartphone when visitors arrive or deals are delivered, enables you to talk to guests through its loudspeaker and mike, and may also record suspicious activity, day or evening, around your door or entryway. Furthermore, our Yoosee smart doorbell camera can connect with your existing or new electronic lock, hence you are able to unlock the door remotely through smartphone App.

Yoosee smart doorbell camera with reley output can unlock electronic door lock
Yoosee smart doorbell camera has a PIR motion sensor
Yoosee smart doorbell camera has a separate wireless chime receiver

3# What are the important highlights of Yoosee smart doorbell camera?

Yoosee doorbell camera gives the long set of features and benefits that not only improve your sense of security additionally , add convenience on your life. Here are a rundown of the items you can do with Yoosee doorbell.

  • See and talk to visitors at the door from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Every Band model carries a wide-angle lens and built-in microphone and loudspeaker.
  • Get alerted instantly when doorbell camera detects motion through its built-in PIR movement sensor, or anytime someone presses your doorbell. Movement detection also initiates video documenting.
  • Store recorded video to the built-in memory card or remote NVR/computers, or talk about videos with family, neighborhood protection organizations, or police. You can also post videos to social media.
  • Monitor specific areas by setting up special detection zones. For instance, you can isolate your mailbox area, allowing you to respond differently to an alert triggered by the postal carrier than you would someone at your front door.
  • Check in on your front door area via live stream video. Night vision allows you to see what’s going on even when it’s dark.
  • Relay output design allows you unlock electronic door through smartphone App wherever you’re.
  • A separate wireless chime receiver which makes 30 different melodies when doorbell is pressed.

4# Other actionable advise to secure your house

Here are other tips to help you avoid your house being burglarized: Maintain your entry way closed and locked all the time. If the entrance-way is worn or has a hollow primary, replace it with a good metal or wood door-they’re much harder to breakdown. To greatly help further fortify your home against an intruder, use an excellent knob-in-lock established with a heavy-duty deadbolt, install a security camera or movement sensor light above the entranceway. Never give your home key to employees or hide a key outside your home.

5# Useful articles about smart doorbell cameras

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