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Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

What's Best WiFi Doorbell Camera, How it Works

Today we hear a lot about VR, IoT, Smart Home Automation and we usually think they are high-tech gadgets and few people will buy them. We like to stick on using our old home appliances and electronics because they still work properly. However, just wait two or three years, you will no longer buy these traditional home appliances in market, since more and more people turn to use smart devices, you have to use choose and learn how to use them regardless your personal preference.

This is also happening in security industry, people opts for DIY security cameras, no need to pay a thousand dollar on installation. Manufacturers are now focusing on manufacturing affordable quick and easy to install cameras, suspending production of expensive professional cameras because of decreased demand. Here we talk about the smart doorbell cameras, it appears in 2014 and now it becomes popular and we are seeing the increasing demand for smart doorbell cameras.

What’s Wi-Fi doorbell camera?

Generally, a Wi-Fi doorbell camera is the product that combines a doorbell with a camera built-in and supports Wi-Fi. Smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera can not only answer door from anywhere through smart devices, but also capture high definition video so that users can access it on smart devices (e.g. Smartphone, tablet, PC).

Compared with conventional doorbell, the Wi-Fi doorbell camera provides many benefits including:

  • DIY installation, affordable price
  • Wireless connection, no cable
  • Answer the door even you are away
  • Check who is at your door through smartphone/PC
  • Record HD CCTV footage
  • 2-Way talk with your visitors
  • Perimeter protection
  • Secure your house
  • Interoperability

Unlike conventional doorbell, the smart doorbell allows you to answer the door remotely, it makes life more convenient. For instance, if you have a friend visits your home, but you are away, using the smart doorbell, you can answer the door remotely and even unlock the electronic lock to let him/her in.

You can see, hear, talk, knowing who is at your door so it makes your home more safe. By leveraging HD camera, you can monitor and record outdoor video to give additional perimeter protection. Perimeter protection can deter intruders before they enter your house, it’s less likely your home will be burglarized.

Depending on which smart doorbell you have. Most of them are compatible with ONVIF protocol, hence they can be easily integrated with your existing video surveillance system and alarm system, as well as ZigBee/Z-Wave home automation system.

How smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera works?

Smart doorbell camera connect to Internet through Wi-Fi connection. Once a visitor presses the call button on doorbell camera, the camera will send push notification alert to homeowners. Homeowners will answer it and can see and talk with the visitor. Meanwhile, the camera also sends snapshots to your mailbox. In case, the visitor doesn't press the doorbell, the camera still can send alerts because it can support either video or passive Infrared based motion detection. Furthermore,smart doorbell cameras are equipped with a super wide angle lens hence it gives you a near fisheye view of outdoor, therefore can monitor outside of house, it performs like an outdoor security camera. Don't worry if you are inconvenient to use smartphone, some smart doorbell cameras can work with wireless chime receiver. When you have a visitor, the wireless chime receiver will make "Dingdong" sound loudly.

Is difficult to install Wi-Fi doorbell camera?

Complicated installation is one of big concern for many people. Similar to Wi-Fi cameras, to install and use the Wi-Fi doorbell camera you don’t need to be a tech-savy. You can set and use them without knowing network technology, just simply enter Wi-Fi password, your device will be online, then you can access it wherever you are.

Abandoning the idea that you may visit camera’s default IP address then set DDNS and do port forwarding/mapping in your router, as smart Wi-Fi doorbell adopts peer to peer technology, you are able to set it through smartphone App, once it connects with your router, it will be accessible locally and remotely (internet).

Is smart Wi-Fi doorbell secure?

No absolutely secure, because your device connects to Internet. The security of your device mainly depends on how you use it, if you don’t change the default password, your device is vulnerable. Intending to protect the camera away from hacking, the camera adopts sophisticated unique ID and password, no default user and telnet accessing, the communication between your device and remote servers is AES256 encrypted, only conveying network info (e.g. ip address, port info) no video, your camera is secure and privacy-protected

Recommend best Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Here we recommend Yoosee SD-M2, it's a smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera delivers 720p HD video with decent image quality, it supports day & night video surveillance, allows 24 hours a day video monitoring and recording, comes with free 8G TF memory card and a wireless chime receiver, most importantly it works with Yoosee App. If you have or use Yoosee cameras, we highly recommend it to you, because you just need to run one App to answer the door and check your security camera's video feed.

Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera
Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell Functions
Never miss a visitor
Wireless Door Chime Receiver
Dual motion detection

Product Features

  • 1.0 megapixel CMOS capture 1280x720 resolution video
  • 1.8mm lens offers super wide angle view (approx. 120°)
  • Remote watch, hear, talk though smartphone App
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Video motion detection, sensitivity is adjustable
  • Push notification to 5 users when you have a visitor
  • Capture pictures and send them to multiple email addresses
  • Included a free 8G microSD/TF card
  • Included a free wireless chime receiver
  • Receiver 36 melodies for chosen, and 4 level volume adjusting
  • H.264 High Profile video compression
  • Built-in microSD/TF card slot (up to 128G)
  • Record video on TF card, smartphone, computers
  • Manual, schedule, motion alarm multiple recording mode
  • Relay output can unlock electronic door
  • Wireless 2.4G Wi-Fi/80211 b/g/n connection
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbps RJ45 connection
  • Tamper-switch design
  • Anti-rain splash, dust-proof IP55 design
  • Shared algorithm high security
  • Support Yoosee App
  • Comply ONVIF Profile S, RTSP protocol
  • Powered by DC12V power, can using existing power supply

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