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Security light with HD Wi-Fi Camera

Security light with Wi-Fi camera does motion detection video recording HD video live stream

A proper perimeter protection keeps unwanted people away,  also can deter intruders before they enter into your house and leave a mess. In the past, people usually buy and use several different security devices to design a perimeter security system that may include several outdoor cameras and PIR motion activated floodlights. Today, we are surrounded by interactive and connected products. For many reasons it’s evident for the lighting field to embrace this, here you are able to use a simple product - connected camera light to achieve integrated security solution. Working with App running on your smartphone, it can make your outdoor life more personal, comfortable and safer.

Security light with camera concept

By using the connected camera, users can get instant push notifications from what’s happening at your home. You are able to talk to your visitors and feel secure. You can even take a picture or record a video from wherever you’re.

With security light everything is under control, you can watch live HD video stream from anywhere through smartphone app and PC software, you can get a push notification alert whenever someone approaches your home, the light automatically jumps on where there is motion detected. Flexible video recording, the camera can start video recording in 24 hours a day, or people is detected, can record video on its built-in microSD memory card, on your smartphone and even computers.

How it works?

Security light relies on PIR motion sensor to detect the presence of motion, it will automatically turn on when someone enters into its monitored area. By integrating with a Wi-Fi camera, it can be connected with your router through Wi-Fi, hence users are able to watch HD live stream though smartphone App and computer software.

The camera also uses the PIR motion sensor to secure your home, once someone approaches your home, the camera will send push notification to alert you, or it can auto-record video clips on its memory card. Most of security lights have a microphone and speaker built-in, so that you are able to listen and talk with people remotely.

Advantages of security camera light

The area where security light should be installed is usually the place where a camera should be installed. Instead of buying and installing a outdoor security camera and a security light at the same place, you may just use one security camera light. Therefore you can save a huge amount money on equipment and installation cost.

Typically an outdoor camera uses video analysis to offer motion detection, but it’s prone to trigger false alarm. Unlike video based motion detection, the passive Infrared sensor can accurately detect the presence of human, it’s immune to movement of trees, small animals, insects.

Outdoor IR camera will interfere the working of floodlight’s motion sensor, so some of them will not work properly if they are installed between each other. The security camera light doesn’t have such a problem. Both light and camera rely on passive infrared motion sensor to detect motion, no infrared illuminitors therefore no interference, it can shoot color video in a day and at night.

How to install security light?

Installation of security lights is super easy, just need to wire power cable, then download and use smartphone App, it’s ready to use.  Security lights are IP54 rated weatherproof design can withstand rain splash and dust, they should be wall mounted, the installation height of light is 2.5 metres, so that it covers a large area and have a good viewing angle.

Best security light with connected camera

Unifore provides you security floodlight with connected Wi-Fi camera, the SL-M1 adopts dual head projector, the multiple orientation possibility gives you full flexibility to cover the designed area. The SL-M2 is a single LED security light with a PIR motion sensor and a connected Wi-Fi camera. Both of them equipped with a 720p HD Wi-Fi camera that can shoot high clarity video and capture high quality image. Using 2.8mm lens, the camera can cover a wide viewing angle. By leveraging Throughtek p2p technology, the camera can connect to Internet for remote video surveillance easily. 

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