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Unifore NS2025V5-D

Best 1080P WDR IP Camera - H.265 motorized lens Hi3516A

Unifore NS2025V5-A is a 2 megapixel outdoor IR network camera which is dedicated to provide high quality video monitoring performance for high-end IP video surveillance applications. This security camera adopts 1/3-type WDR Full HD progressive scan CMOS image sensor + Hi3516A SoC hardware design. This top-notch IP camera can deliver 1080P@25/30fps video stream with exceptional image quality. Besides, it provides True-WDR, 2D+3D noise reduction, BLC, HLC etc image enhancing technologies to further improve the image quality.

Compared with other brand's security cameras, NS2025V5-A is equipped with a motorized vari-focal lens (2.8-12mm) to make camera installation become much easier. It has three pieces IR Array illuminators which provide night vision distance as far as 50m. Moreover, it comes with rich interface, including 2 Alarm Inputs/ 1 Alarm Output, 3.5mm Audio Input/Output (2-way audio intercom), USB (up to 64GB on-board video storage), BNC Output (analog video signal for onsite testing), RS485 etc. Most importantly, the camera's RJ45 port adopts weatherproof design to ensure reliability of connection for long term operation.

Thanks to its Hi3516A, which is a robust HD video processor, the camera has built-in  HEVC video codec engine to deliver full HD video with H.265/H.264 standard. It also offers extra useful functions including motion detection, privacy mask, defog, digital image stabilizing, ROI encoding, smart video analystics. 

The camera adopts rugged metal housing design, offering IP66 rated waterproof protection. It features a wide operating temperature range  (-30°C to 65°C), without the need for a heater or fan. It offers reliable performance to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor IP video surveillance system. Be compliant with ONVIF Profile S standard, NS2025V5-A can work with third-party's VMS and NVRs.

1#. Full HD 1080P Video Monitoring

NS2025V5-A utilizes Panasonic MN34229PL image sensor to capture video. MN34229PL is a 1/3 type progressive scan CMOS image sensor offers total effective pixels 1944 (H) x 1092 (V),  approx. 2.12 Megapixel. Dedicated to HD video surveillance application, this image sensor can deliver Full HD 1080P video with up to 60fps. MN34229 has been widely used in HD-SDI/EX-SDI, IP video cameras.

2# True/Real WDR Camera

Actually, Panasonic has two 1/3 type 2.1MP CMOS image sensors including MN34227PL and MN34229PL. MN34229 is the Full HD image sensor supports True-WDR (>=120dB). True WDR is the hardware/sensor based wide dynamic range function, the WDR image sensor can greatly improve the image quality by capturing several images with short and long exposures, then maintaining proper image brightness and exposure.

True WDR or real WDR is the very important feature when the security cameras need to monitor the challenging scenes include both bright and dark areas. In this situation, conventional security cameras are unable to obtain the optimum exposure to produce a high quality image with detail in both of these areas of contrasting light intensity.

True WDR cameras are ideal to be deployed include:

  • Areas have intense light reflection  (vehicles, bodies of water, glasses)
  • Security cameras face direct light (sunlight, indoor strong lighting)
  • Areas with frequent light changes (A well lit area to a dark area, or vice versa, such as a doorway or entrance to a garage or tunnel)
  • Scenes have strong background lighting

3# H.265/HEVC Video Encoding

Unifore NS2045V5-A supports H.265/H.264 video encoding by utilizing the Hi3516A processor from the leading HD video solution provider – Hisilicon. H.265 or HEVC is the next generation video compression standard after H.264. Compared with the existing H.264 video coding standard, the H.265 can provide higher compression ratio, under the same network bandwidth, H.265 video streams can reduce 50% network bandwidth and video storage requirements.

In addition to the greatest strength of higher video compression ratio, the H.265 technology can provide much better image quality (color reproduction, contrast, clarity etc) than H.264. 

4# Motorized Lens - Flexible Viewing Angle

Motorized lenses have been widely used in high-end video surveillance cameras. Unifore NS2045V5-A is equipped with a motorized vari-focal lens which offers focal length 2.8-12mm. The motorized lens can allow cameras to automatically adjust focal length to obtain well-focused image. Additionally, it allows users to control the lens remotely through web interface or RS485 connection. 

Why motorized vari-focal lens is much better than manual vari-focal lens? For security cameras, lens can be easily out of focus due to heavy rain, wind or any other vibrations, which will require installers to refocus the lens every 2-3 months, when using manual vari-focal lens, installers have to be on site to adjust the lens, but with motorized vari-focal lens, the camera can automatically adjust lens to get fine-tune focused image, or the installers can control the camera lens through the web interface/NVR/software/Joystick controller.

5# NS2025V5-A 2MP WDR H.265 IP Camera Review

NS2025V5-A Rich Interface
NS2025V5-A Rich Interface
NS2025V5-D Motorized Lens
NS2025V5-A Motorized 2.8-12mm Lens
NS2025V5-D  IR Array LEDs
NS2025V5-A IR Array LEDs
NS2025V5-D  IR Array LEDs
NS2025V5-A IR Array LEDs
NS2025V5-D IP66 Waterproof
NS2025V5-A IP66 Waterproof
NS2025V5-A Waterproof RJ45 Connector
NS2025V5-A Waterproof RJ45 Connector


Released Year 2014 2014 2013
Core Processor A7@600 MHz A7@600 MHz ARM926@440 MHz
Video Codec H.264 BP/MP/HP; H.265 Main Profile; MJPEG/JPEG baseline H.264 BP/MP/HP; H.265 Main Profile; MJPEG/JPEG baseline H.264 BP/MP; MJPEG/JPEG baseline
Encoding Capability Max. 5MP@30fps + VGA@30fps Max. 3MP@30fps + VGA@30fps Max. 1080P@30fps + VGA@30fps
Special Function D-WDR, True WDR D-WDR, True WDR D-WDR

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