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Avigilon 16MP Ultra HD IP Camera

Test Avigilon 16MP Ultra HD IP Camera

Avigilon is the pioneer IP video surveillance solution provider based in Canada. The company designs, manufactures, markets HD IP surveillance equipment and software. Different from other competitors, Avigilon focuses on providing ultra high definition IP surveillance products to high-end users. The company successfully launched HD Pro portfolio which can offer different UHD video resolution from 4K to 8K. In this article, we share you the test report of Avigilon 16MP HD PRO camera from the ASMAG magazine. 

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO
Avigilon 16MP HD PRO

#1. World-first 16MP Hardware

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO is an ultra high definition network camera that keeps the consistency of Avigilon black sleek appearance design. This camera is equipped with a 23.6mm x 15.7mm CMOS image sensor which offers 16MP image resolution, the camera requires EF or EF-S mountable camera lens, combining the Avigilon unique LightCatcher technology, the camera's performance worths to expect.

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO
Image Sensor's Dimension 23.6mm×15.7mm

On camera rear panel, it has rich interface, including a power supply input to support dual voltage (12VDC, 24VAC) power supply, a RJ45 port (supporting PoE), Audio Input/Output, microSDHC card (max. 256GB) etc. As usual, this camera is UL certified products; on its rear panel, there is cooling gap design, incorporating an internal fan, this good heat dissipation design can allow the camera to maintain moderate temperature. During our test, the camera's temperature keeps the same.

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO
Rich Interface Design

#2. Exceptional image quality

In this test, we use Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Zoom Lens to work with Avigilon 16MP HD PRO camera. The following test is based on the 4944×3280/@10fps/@8Mbps video parameter.

Real scene: letting the camera aim at outdoor traffic road to check its real video performance, video stream keeps basically smooth, no obvious delay problem, thanks to its ultra-high definition, the entire captured image keeps true color reproduction, image detail is outstanding.

Avigilon 16MP Captured Image
Exceptional Image Quality

Resolution: letting the camera aim at the resolution testing card (Testing range of vertical horizontal resolution is 2000TVL, edge resolution is 1000TVL), we find the camera's resolution exceeds the range of testing card. Additionally, we wanna test the bandwidth impact to the resolution, we test the image resolution by using 6Mbps and 10Mbps different network bandwidth, we find the video resolution keeps the same, indirectly shows the excellent bandwidth adaption capability of this camera.

Avigilon 16MP Resolution Testing
Its resolution exceeds the testing range

Color reproduction, grey scale: using the 24* color testing card, we find the camera can reproduce the color accurately; using the grayscale testing card, its recognizable grayscale can reach up to 18 level, performance is excellent.

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO - Grayscale
Avigilon 16MP HD PRO - Color Reproduction
Excellent grey-scale, color reproduction performance

Video latency: in this video latency test, we use its web interface, letting the camera aim at stopwatch software, we find the optimum video delay time is 336ms, for the 16MP IP camera, this result is quite good.

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO - Video Latency
Video Latency

Bitrate: when the camera is monitoring the outdoor traffic scene, we use the bitrate calculator to check its bitrate, we find the video stream bitrate maintains approx. 8Mbps, quite stable.

Furthermore, this camera features motion detection and privacy mask function; motion detection can track the moving objects in monitored scene. By the way, the camera comes client software which offers robust functions including video recording, schedule recording, snapshot, video storage management etc. Avigilon is not just offering the ultra-high-definition camera, but also focusing on providing a complete end-to-end UHD video surveillance solution.

#3. Good low-light performance

WDR: Avigilon's network cameras adopt chip-level wide dynamic range solution, it offers self-adaptation adjustment. The camera aims at a high contrast lighting scene (strong light, a doll inside the lampshade), the doll and other details are clearly presented, owns a good light inhibition performance, however the brightness of background has not been improved significantly.

BLC: it offers backlight compensation, when we turn off/on the BLC function, the image has significantly improved. When BLC is off, the background almost invisible; when BLC is on, the exposure of background increases, image becomes clear. Additionally, users can select different BLC level to achieve the better performance in different surveillance scenes.

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO - BLC Performance

Minimum illumination: the camera is placed in a dark box, we adjust the brightness to simulate the low light environment. When Lux Meter shows 7.32Lux, the camera's image keep clear; reduced to 7.02Lux, image keeps the same; keep reduce the Lux to 6.88Lux, the camera automatically switches to monochrome mode. When Luxmeter shows 0.10Lux, the image still keeps clear, in color mode, the minimum illumination is 0.2Lux, all these testings shows its low-light performance is excellent.

Avigilon 16MP HD PRO - Low Night Performance
Before switching to B/W mode
Avigilon 16MP HD PRO - Low Night Performance
After switching to B/W mode


Avigilon's industry-leading 16-megapixel ultra HD cameras use EF or EF-S DSLR lenses for optimum image capturing, not only provides excellent image detail and excellent low light effect, the patent also provides bandwidth management technology to optimize network performance, without losing image details while monitor the entire scene. So that this camera is suitable for the needs of ultra-high-definition and wide coverage of the scene, such as the safe city, airports, railway stations, squares, stadiums and other important facilities.

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