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Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera

4K network vandal-resistant IR security camera WV-SPV781L

The resolution of 4K network camera is 27 times higher than VGA resolution of conventional analog camera. It's 9 times higher than high definition (1280x720) resolution, and 4 times higher than full HD resolution (1920x1080). Panasonic ultra HD 4K security cameras utilize Panasonic patent 3-layers driving lens system to achieve astonishing 100°field of view zoom lens with 6x optical zoom. This unique design enable camera to truly output ultra HD images. Additionally, it has automatic rain cleaning and defrost function, it is able to provide reliable video surveillance despite the extreme weather conditions.

4K surveillance is developing rapidly, since the improvement of surveillance technology, HD becomes the main trend in today's video surveillance industry, combines the latest network technology, it not only meet the increasing HD demand, but also offers offers versatile features. In this article, we intend to introduce you the WV-SPV781L from Panasonic, this camera is the latest design network camera adopts "True 4K technology", equipped with patent 3-layers optical lens driving system consists of 2 zoom lens groups and 1 focus lens group.

4K resolution
DV vs 720p vs 1080p vs 2K vs 4K

Panasonic WV-SPV781L is a robust look, but compact size camera, its dimension is 133mmx420mm. The camera's housing is durable aluminium metal, you can find Panasonic logo and product model, as well as 4K logo on camera housing. This camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor video surveillance , it features vandal-resistant and IP66 rated weatherproof, included with automatic rain cleaning cover.

Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera
Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera
Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera
Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera
Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera
Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera

This network camera utilizes Panasonic 1/1.7" progressive scan MOS image sensor which delivers 12.4 megapixel effective resolution. In 12.0 megapixel (4:3 aspect ratio)@15fps, under lowest optical zoom, the security camera still can recognize hundreds meter away objects. According to manufacturer provided testing data, this network camera can deliver 2500TVL ultra HD resolution in 12MP format. In addition to accurate color reproduction, this network camera's recognizable grayscale level can reach up to 19 grade.

This network camera adopts Panasonic newly developed 3-layers lens driving system. In 16:9 aspect ratio can achieve horizontal 17°(tele) ~97°(wide), vertical 9.4°(tele)~55°(wide) ultra wide viewing angle; furthermore, the lens supports 6x optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, total 18x zoom, in 6x optical zoom, the 2km remote objects clearly present on video, while image color keeps bright and vivid.

The camera can provide smooth video when it set to 8MP@30fps, 8182 kbps video parameter. The camera aims at outdoor scene, using the bitrate calculating software, we can test its video stream bitrate is controlled in the range of 7.9-8.0Mbps. Through 10 times video latency calculation, we find that its average video delay time is in the range of 439-494ms, bitrate control and video latency performance is quite impressive.

Then, let's test its performance when WV-SPV781L works in different light conditions. After enable the WDR function, the image's background becomes bright; if enable the BLC, background brightness significant improves; enable the HLC, the doll inside the strong light shade becomes clear. Moreover, this camera supports digital defog function. In real test, the image becomes clear after enable the defog function.

Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range

In aperture F1.6 auto control mode, we put the camera into dark box. After measurement, we find that the camera will automatically switch to B/W mode when illumination is 1.3Lux. In B/W mode, the image keeps clean, meanwhile we find that its low illumination is 0.00 Lux (real value is 0.001-0.009Lux), low color illumination requirement is 0.35Lux, its low illumination reaches star-light level.

Low illumination
"0.00Lux" Low illumination

When illumination is 0.75Lux, the built-in smart LED illuminators will automatically turn on, quick and high sensitivity, these infra-red illuminators enable camera to capture images even under complete darkness environment. In this camera auto-switch setting, it has additional auto-switch (Infra-red) and auto-switch super color compensation (SCC) function. After switch to Infra-red mode, image keeps clean, to SCC mode, image's color has effectively improved.

Auto-Switch SCC
Auto-Switch SCC

Product Highlights

  • 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) images up to 30 fps, 12M pixel (4,000 x 3,000) images up to 15 fps
  • Newly developed 1/1.7 type high sensitivity MOS image sensor
  • Ultrawide x6 zoom lens with the newly developed 3-drive lens system
  • (Horizontal Angle: 101°(wide) to 18°(tele)) [4 : 3 mode]
  • Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams ensure simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording.
  • Smart DoF (Depth of Field): Automatically optimizes DoF to enhance focus both for near and far objects within camera view.
  • Digital Noise Reduction: 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditions.
  • High sensitivity with Day/Night (ICR*) function:
  •  0.3 lx (Color), 0.04 lx (B/W) at F1.6
  •  ICR: IR Cut filter Removal
  • Smart IR LED equipped: The equipped infrared LED makes it
  • possible to take pictures at zero lx. The IR LED is controlled to
  • match the environment, thereby the camera provides clear images
  • of human faces without white blur.
  • ABF (Auto Back Focus) ensures easy installation.
  • VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified area) technology allows
  • the designated eight locations to retain higher image quality
  •  while the excluded area will have a decreased image quality,
  •  which enables to use lower image file size and bit rate.
  • Cropping function enables to provide whole image and the part image simultaneously.
  • Up to 4 image capture areas can be specified, and it is also possible to control the sequence.
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancement: Auto (Up to 16/30s) / OFF 
  • Selectable light control modes: Outdoor scene, Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz), Fix shutter 1x, 2x, 4x digital zoom controlled by browser
  • VMD (Video Motion Detection) with 4 programmable detection areas, 15 steps sensitivity level and 10 steps detection size
  • Privacy Zone can mask up to 8 private areas, such as house windows and entrances/exits.
  • Camera title display: Up to 20 alphanumeric characters on the browser
  • Alarm sources including 3 terminal input, VMD and Panasonic alarm command can trigger actions such as SDXC/SDHC/SD memory recording, FTP image transfer, E-mail notification, Indication on browser, Alarm terminal output, and Panasonic alarm protocol output.
  • Full duplex bi-directional audio allows interactive communication between camera site and monitoring site.
  • SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory card slot for manual recording (H.264 / JPEG), alarm recording (H.264 / JPEG) and backup upon network failure (H.264 / JPEG). Realize long-term recording and auto backup function.
  • Fog compensation function equipped as standard.
  • HLC (High Light Compensation) technology reduces strong light sources such as vehicle headlights to prevent camera being blinded.
  • SCC (Super Chroma Compensation) function realizes a better color reproducibility even in low illumination.
  • Internet mode: H.264 images can be transmitted over HTTP protocol.
  • Multi-language: English / Italian / French / German / Spanish /
  • Portuguese / Russian / Chinese / Japanese
  • IPv4/IPv6 protocol supported
  • Supports SSL, DDNS (viewnetcam, RFC2136)
  • Still images (JPEG) can be viewed on mobile phones via Internet.
  • Onvif compliant model
  • IP66 rated water and dust resistant. Compatible with IEC60529
  • measurement standard, Type 4X(UL50), NEMA 4X compliant.
  • Dehumidification device for use with various weather conditions
  • Vandal resistant mechanism for high reliability (IK10)
  • Rain wash coating lens cover

Part Names and Functions

Panasonic WV-SPV781L Diagram

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