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  • 4K network vandal-resistant IR security camera WV-SPV781L

    Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera

    The resolution of 4K network camera is 27 times higher than VGA resolution of conventional analog camera. It's 9 times higher than high definition (1280x720) resolution, and 4 times higher than full HD resolution (1920x1080). Panasonic ultra HD 4K security cameras utilize Panasonic patent 3-layers driving lens system to achieve astonishing 100°field of view zoom lens with 6x optical zoom. This unique design enable camera to truly output ultra HD images. Additionally, it has automatic rain cleaning and defrost function, it is able to provide reliable video surveillance despite the extreme weather conditions.

  • Brickcom unveiled 4G/LTE Network Camera GOB-300Np Star-LTE

    GOB-300Np Star-LTE Network Camera

    After Panasonic released the first 4G/LTE network camera - Nubo last year, today Brickcom announces the newest 3 megapixel bullet type network camera that supports 4G/LTE wireless technology. GOB-300Np Star-LTE is a new wireless camera that combined 4G/LTE cellular technology to transmit video stream, suitable for remote place where network cabling is difficult. According to Brickcom, GOB-300Np Star-LTE 4G/LTE network camera can deliver full HD quality images with high-speed transmission efficiency, and this product will start to ship in December 2015. 

  • DECT Home/Office Wireless Monitoring System from Panasonic

    DECT Home/Office Wireless Alarm System

    On 2015 International CES, Panasonic announced the new product portfolio - home/office monitoring system which are based Wi-Fi and DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technologies.

    The announced models including Baby Monitoring Kit (KX-HN6001), DIY Home Surveillance Kit (KX-HN6002), DIY Home Surveillance Kit (KX-HN6002), Home Monitoring and Control Kit (KX-HN6003). All these new products target to Do-it-yourself home security and improvement market.

  • Introducing 4K vandal-proof IP dome camera WV-SFV781LH

    4K IP dome camera WV-SFV781LH

    Designed and manufactured in Panasonic Yamagata Plant, equipped with 6x optical zoom block camera, utilizing Lumix optical structure design from Leica, Panasonic WV-SFV781LH can not only deliver ultra high definition 4K images, but also provide ultra wide view angle, plus many top-notch features. It's a delicate dome camera, every single detail indicates the superb design capability of Panasonic. This security camera is suitable for use in airports, squares, lobbies, train stations, playgrounds, subways, tunnels and other needs of indoor and outdoor high-definition surveillance applications.

  • Introduction for 4G LTE based IP Camera

    Panasonic 4G IP Camera - Nubo

    4G is the abbreviation of fourth generation, it's the current popular mobile telecommunications technology. Just back to several days ago, Panasonic released standalone 4G-powered IP camera - Nubo. The new camera can broadcast video stream over Internet without traditional Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection. This is a great leap in today's wireless high definition video surveillance industry.

  • Panasonic WV-SPN631 2.4MP Network Camera Test Report

    HD Network Camera Panasonic WV-SPN631

    In the past, we wrote some test reports of Hikvision and Dahua network security products. In today's global video surveillance market, Japanese brands still occupy large market shares. Japanese electronics giants Sony and Panasonic specialize in developing and manufacturing high quality network cameras. In this article, we share the test report of Panasonic WV-SPN631, which is a 2.4 megapixel high-speed frame rate network box camera supports WDR.

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