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720p P2P IP/Network Camera

Chinese 720p WiFi P2P IP/Network Camera Review

Nowadays, there are lots of Made-in-China network cameras selling in eCommerce websites such as Aliexpress, Amazon etc. When searching or browsing IP cameras in these platforms, you will realize that many suppliers sell same cameras that deliver 720p high definition video. These cameras are very cheap. Are these IP cameras still worth buying? You may find many positive or negative reviews in product webpage. In this article, we intend to share you a test report from ASMAG China.

ASMAG chose a popular 720p pan/tilt network camera, bought it for US$35. You can find exactly the same camera with many different brands such as Vstarcam (C7835WIP), Wanscam, Annke and more.  They may come with a same name - "P2P IP/Network Camera".

P2P IP/Network Camera
Tested P2P IP/Network Camera

Simple Installation, App works properly

This camera includes simple accessories, installation is quick. However, you need to buy an extra LAN cable for connection. Additionally, the RJ45 port designed inproperly, it's not easy to unplug the LAN cable from RJ45 port.

Following the included instruction, we enter into camera's official website, download the software and intructions. We have tested Android, iOS, Web interface, Client software etc, all of them work properly. Their interfaces are also user-friendly.

Image Quality is basically good

We tested the imaging performance via PC client software, the video parameter is 720p@20fps, 2Mbps. Besides the unattractive UI design, PC client software interface is simple and user-friendly, all menu can function.

Resolution: Put camera aim at resolution testing card, after focus tuning, the camera's horizontal and vertical resolution can reach 700TVL, edge resolution is 600TVL. In home video surveillance applications, this image resolution is sufficient.

Resolution Testing Result

Color Reproduction and Grayscale: Using 24 colors reproduction testing card, we can find this camera can reproduce color accurately, basically no color cast, but image is distorted severely. In greyscale testing, we find that this camera can recognize 16 level greyscale.

Color Reproduction Testing Result
Greyscale Testing Result

Real video scene: Put the camera aim at outdoor traffic road, we can find image resolution is slightly poor, scene contrast is just so so, but colors are vivid. The video frame rate is 20fps, although there is a setting to change in web interface, but you can't change frame rate.

Bitrate control

Bitrate control and video latency time: Running bitrate calculation software, we can find that its stream bitrate is quite stable changing between the range of 1-1.5 Mbps. Using the stopwatch to measure video delay time, the video latency time for this camera is 156 ms.

Video Delay Time Testing Result

Good pan & tilt rotation performance

This camera supports 355 degree pan and 110 degree tilt rotation, also rotation speed can be modified, we are satisfied with its PT performance.

This camera supports 16 presets, preset setting is quite easy. Just making the camera rotate to a certain angle, then enter a preset number. After we make the camera rotate to different preset positions, we find that its rotation is quite precise. Additionally, this camera doesn't support pan/tilt cruise function.

Good low illumination performance

1. Indoor low illumination: In indoor, the image quality can meet the basic requirement for home video surveillance. Turn off the lights, the camera automatically switch to night mode (B/W), the B/W image keeps clean, IR illumination range can cover a large area.

Indoor video monitoring at day
Indoor Testing (Day, Color Image)
Indoor video monitoring at night
Indoor Testing (Night, B/W image when IR On)

2. Low illumination test: Put the camera into the testing box to simulate light changing environment. Gradually reducing the illumination, when reaching to 20 Lux, image noises appear, when reaching 14 Lux, image noises become obvious. In 11 Lux, camera switches to B/W mode, images become quite clean, no image noise. 

11 Lux Color Image
14 Lux, Color image with noise
11 Lux Monochrome Image
11 Lux, switch to B/W mode
0.01 Lux IR On
0.01 Lux, IR On

Motion detection works but need to improve

The PC client software can set motion detection alert, but the PC client software can't display the alert. Web interface also can set motion detection and sound detection alert, but only alert users with messages, no reminding sound. Additionally, PC software and Web Interface don't support motion detection snapshot or video recording when camera detects motion.


In a nutshell, this cheap P2P network camera can deliver 720p video with good quality, installation is quite simple, Pan and Tilt rotation and presets are convenient to use. The PC client software, web interface, smartphone Apps work properly, except some small problems such as frame rate can't be changed, no connection LAN cable, hard to unplug LAN cable, as well as PC Client software and Web interface don't support snapshot and video recording when detecting motion. However, this camera is worth to buy, user experience is quite good.

Note: this article is the translated article from ASMAG China. ASMAG China conducted this test, this article doesn't represent our view. The copyright of photos belong to ASMAG, and we shall delete them if this has infringed copyright.

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