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  • 4K network vandal-resistant IR security camera WV-SPV781L

    Panasonic WV-SPV781L 4K Camera

    The resolution of 4K network camera is 27 times higher than VGA resolution of conventional analog camera. It's 9 times higher than high definition (1280x720) resolution, and 4 times higher than full HD resolution (1920x1080). Panasonic ultra HD 4K security cameras utilize Panasonic patent 3-layers driving lens system to achieve astonishing 100°field of view zoom lens with 6x optical zoom. This unique design enable camera to truly output ultra HD images. Additionally, it has automatic rain cleaning and defrost function, it is able to provide reliable video surveillance despite the extreme weather conditions.

  • 4K UHD security camera and H.265 technology applications

    4K IP Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance industry has been never stopped pursuing high definition, from standard definition to high definition, and current popular 4K and H.265 technology applications, video surveillance industry is entering ultra high definition era.

  • 4K UHD surveillance network cameras 8MP and 12MP

    4K UHD Image Resolution

    Undoubtedly, new wave of 4K UHD technology changes home electronics industry, since Sony,Samsung, Skyworth, TCL, Konka etc manufacturers launched 4K UHD Television, 4K UHD offers superior image quality, attract a large number of home appliances consumers. In global video surveillance industry, not only many reputable manufacturers launched 4K related products, 4K also gradually forms a complete product chain, has a great possibility to replace 720p and 1080p products. With the rapid development of digital video surveillance technology, the cost of hardware and software gradually decreased, 4K will become popolar within 2 years.

  • Hisilicon launched Hi3519 SoC for new 4K/H.265+ strategy

    Hi3519 4K/H.265+ SoC for HD Camera

    According to Mr. Ji, the marketing manager of engineer department from Hisilicon semiconductor, Hisilicon will announce the latest SoC Hi3519 in 2015 China Public Security Expo (CPSE). CPSE will be held in the end of this month, designed for smart network cameras, Hi3519 integrates the latest 4K technology, it works with maximum 320 megapixel CMOS image sensor, supports 4K@60fps encoding with HEVC/H.265 compression format. In addition to 4K and H.265 encoding, the new SoC supports multi-frame wide dynamic range, multi-level 3D noise reduction, also comes with Huawei IoT Lite OS.

  • Test Avigilon 16MP Ultra HD IP Camera

    Avigilon 16MP Ultra HD IP Camera

    Avigilon is the pioneer IP video surveillance solution provider based in Canada. The company designs, manufactures, markets HD IP surveillance equipment and software. Different from other competitors, Avigilon focuses on providing ultra high definition IP surveillance products to high-end users. The company successfully launched HD Pro portfolio which can offer different UHD video resolution from 4K to 8K. In this article, we share you the test report of Avigilon 16MP HD PRO camera from the ASMAG magazine. 

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