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Tuya Solar Powered Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera

Tuya Smart Security Camera with AI Powered by Ingenic T40

Introducing you the latest Tuya smart security cameras powered by Ingenic T40 SoC processor, the cameras are suitable for various residential and commercial video surveillance applications. Currently, we are offering wireless security cameras, wire-free battery cameras, solar powered 4G wire-free cameras and 2x/4x camera system.

What's Ingenic T40?

 T40 is the lastest high-end video surveillance SoC derives from the global leading ARM CPU developer - Ingenic. T40 is the first AI powered high performance processor that adopts Xburst2 dual-core architecture, supports max. 4K@25fps video encoding, H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, 4th generation ISP, ultra low power consumption.

Dual core XBurst2 and enhanced RISCV coprocessor, T40 have improved performance on many aspects including boot up speed, performance, power rate, first frame. It offers 8TOPS artificial intelligence engine NPU, enabling it to offer 4K UHD video with smart vision for the Internet of Things (SVIoT). 

Ingenic T40 SoC Main Specification

  • Core processor: XBurst2 1.2GHz Dual Core, 1MB L2 Cache
  • MCU: embedded 600MHz RISC-V coprocessor
  • RAM memory: DDR2/DDR3/DDR3L, max. 2GB
  • AI engine(AIE): Built-in neural network accelerator, 8TOPS
  • Image Processing Pipeline: 4 megapixel x2, max. 4K UHD (3840x2160)
  • Video encoding engine: H.265/H.264 4K UHD@25fps
  • Video output: MIPI-DSI-4 Lane 1080p FHD resolution
  • Audio: G.711, input & output
  • Peripherals: USB 2.0
  • Download the Ingenic T40 datasheet (PDF)

4K UHD Resolution Crystal Clear Image

Ingenic T40 Wide Dynamic Range
Ingenic T40 Wide Dynamic Range

All scenarios, all day, high quality imaging capability, it’s the main feature of T40. T40 adopts the 3rd generation starlight image processing pipeline, integrated with skin color reproduction, 3D noise reduction, sharpness enhancement, ATR (adaptive tone reproduction), WDR(wide dynamic range)/HDR(high dynamic range), HLC (high light compensation), dual images stitching.

Ingenic T40 Starlight Performance
Ingenic T40 Starlight

Artificial Intellignet Engine + Magik Algorithm

T40 has AIE (artificial intelligence engine) inside, incoperated with Magik algorithm, T40 can acheive complex AI function, AIE+Magik enable the cameras to achieve complex video recognition functions including vehicle recognition, plate number recognition, pedestrian detection, face recognition, character recognition, object recognition, motion detection. Currently, Tuya smart security cameras with AI support humanoid detection, face detection, face capturing, pet recognition, motion detection.

T40 AI Humanoid Face Detection
T40 AIE + Magik Algorithm

Ultra low power consumption

Low power consumption is always the core advantage for Ingentic SoCs, though T40 SoC is so powerful, the power consumption is still very low. The power consumption varies from different application scenarios, approx. 1.1 watt in 4K + AI, 1.0w in Dual lens + AI, 0.78w in Display+AI. Tuya smart security cameras provide completely wire-free installation, they have rechargeable high capacity battery inside, the camera can work 12 months after one full recharge. Additionally, these wire-free cameras can be powered by solar panels, solar panels make maintenance-free possible, the lifespan is up to 10 years. 

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