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Tuya 2K/4K Wireless PTZ Camera with Ingenic T31/T40 Inside

Tuya Wire-free 2K Security Camera Adopts Ingenic T31 Solution

Unifore is so proud to launch the latest Tuya smart camera portfolio. The new portfolio is powered by Ingenic, the global leading video processor develop for video surveillance and IoT appliations. The new portfolio includes conventional smart camera that supports both 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, Wire-free battery security cameras (can be solar panel powered), Wire-free camera system kit (2x/4x wire-free cameras plus 1x HomeBase). These cameras either support 2K or 4K resolution, unique patent camera enclosure design that not only looks professional and sleek, but also work reliably.

The new product portfolio supports 2K and 4K resolution, 2K resolution adopts Ingenic T31 SoC, which not only can capture high quality video with vivid and true color reproduction, but also have AI functions to make your video surveillance become smarter. Here we're delighted to show you the detailed information about this SoC.

T31 is a flagship video processor that has integrated with various high-end technologies from Ingenic, this processor owns super computation power, professional imaging capability, high quality video encoding, and rich peripheral, by incoporating rich AI algorithm, all these enable T31 becomes one of competitive H.265+AI video processors in market.

T31N T31L T31L T31X T31ZL T31A

Intending to cater the need from different applications and requirements, Ingenic T31 includes several variants; T31N (normal), T31L (lite), T31X (T31e Xtra), T31A(AI), T31ZL, T31ZX. T31N is the normal version, equipped with SIMD128 accelerator, embedded 512Mbit DDR2, helping T31 to achieve high performance, and provide high AI TOPS.

  • T31N: SIMD128 accelerator, 1.5GHz frequency, integrated with Magik DNN algorithm to offer AI function.
  • T31L: simplified version, 512Mbit DDR2, does not support fast boot and SIMD128, CPU frequency 1GHz, mainly meet the demands from low end market.
  • T31X: enhanced version, sharing the same features like the T31N, however, the embedded RAM is 1G bit
  • T31ZL&T31ZX: ultra low power consumption version, optimized for battery powered security cameras.
  • T31A: AI version, having all features as the T31N, but it’s optimized for battery cameras, DDR3 RAM, 1Gbit.
 T31N T31L T31X T31ZL T31A Comparison Chart

T31 main features

  • 1.5GHz high frequency CPU, XBurst big core
  • 22nm technology, reduce 30% power rate
  • 64KB+128KB cache
  • SIMD128 AI accelerator
  • Embedded RAM memory
  • RiscV independent small core
  • Starlight enhancement ISP (image processing pipeline)
  • Improved 2D/3D image noise reduction
  • Sharpness enhancement, ROI-AE
  • Distortion correction, ePTZ (digital pan/tilt/zoom)
  • 5 megapixel (2592x1900)@30fps
  • H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, MJPEG
  • Encyption AES/RSA/SHA/TRNG/OTP
  • Magik AI algorithm, humanoid detection, face detection, pet recognition, vehicle recognition, plate number recognition, pedestrian detection
  • 200ms Linux+RTOS dual-core boot
  • QFN88/GBA 9x9 package
  • Download the Ingenic T31 datasheet

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