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Tuya Smart Door Locks

Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Smart Door Locks Compatible with Tuya Smart App

Introducing you the smart door locks supporting standard ZigBee 3.0 communication protocol, it can be integrated with your new or existing home automation system. The smart door locks can work with your ZigBee gateway to be included in ZigBee network. Users are able to control smart locks locally and remotely. In addition to remote lock/unlock, they support fingerprint, password, Mifare cards, detached rechargeable battery to support hassless installation.

Compatible with ZigBee 3.0

Standard ZigBee 3.0 specification (IEEE802.15.4), standalone Zigbee network, controlling locally, support remotely controlling if the ZigBee gateway connects to Internet. Ultra low power consumption, battery lasts much longer than smart locks which adopt Wi-Fi communication.

Compatible Tuya Smart / Smart Life

The product has built-in Tuya Zigbee module that supports Tuya Smart or Smart Life app. The products can interact with other security sensors, smart home appliances, or other IoT devices to achieve an advanced and customized home automation system.

Fingerprint locks

It’s also a fingerprint lock, it can store up to 300 pieces fingerprints and adopting the newest fingerprint scanner that offers fast and accurate verification. It supports virtual password to prevent other people from knowing your password. It also includes a MIFARE readers, users can swipe MIFARE cards to unlock the door conveniently. To further enhance the security, users can enable multiple verification function.

Tuya ZigBee Smart Locks
Tuya ZigBee Smart Locks TY-Z5ZB
Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart Locks
Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart Locks TY-Z2ZB
Tuya ZigBee Smart Locks TY-Z1ZB
Tuya ZigBee Smart Locks TY-Z1ZB


  • Product name: Smart automatic lock
  • Housing material: Aluminium + anti-tampering glass
  • Product color: Black/Silver/Copper/Gold
  • Unlock method: Fingerprint/Password/MIFARE cards/Keys/App
  • Fingerprint scanner: Semi-conductor acquistor
  • Fingerprint pieces: total 300 pieces
  • Emergency keys: 2 pcs
  • MiFare cards: 2 pcs
  • ZigBee: IEEE802.15.4, ZigBee 3.0
  • ZigBee range: 100 meters
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Litium-ion battery
  • Requirement for door: 400mm-120mm thickness
  • .App: Tuya Smart / Smart Life

More info: https://www.tuyaoem.com

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