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Ingenic T40

  • Advantages of Tuya dual lens security cameras

    Tuya Dual Lens Smart Cameras

    What’s dual lens security camera? Dual lens security camera is a new type of security camera that has two separate lens to capture video. For example Tuya dual lens security camera has 4mm lens and 8mm lens. In addition to dual lens, the camera also has two separate image sensors inside and they share the same SoC. As the leading video camera processor developer Ingenic launched T40 SoC, the new SoC has been widely deployed in dual lens security cameras.

  • Disassemble Dual-Lens Smart Doorbell Based on Ingenic T40

    Dual Lens Smart Doorbell Ingenic T40

    We’re going to disassemble the flagship dual-lens smart doorbell, this smart doorbellhas two cameras including the primary 4-megapixel one and the secondary 1-megapixel one, dual-lens design enables the produce to cover the entire scene leaving no blind spots. It offers 2.5K super high definition image, 2560x1440 resolution, high image quality, it also supports night vision, the distance can reach up to 5-meters, it can automatically switch between color and monochrome mode.

  • Niview App–Solar Powered 4G WiFi PTZ Security Cameras based on Ingenic SoC

    4G WiFi PTZ Security Camera

    NiView is a security camera app runs on both Apple iOS and Android smartphones. NiView is the acronym of Nice View, it’s the designated app for the latest low power consumption security cameras that adopting Ingenic SoCs. The product portfolio including solar powered dual lens 4K security cameras (Ingenic T40 SoC), 2K battery security cameras (Ingenic T31 SoC), 1080p security cameras (Ingneic T20/T21 SoC).

  • Tuya Smart Security Camera with AI Powered by Ingenic T40

    Tuya Solar Powered Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera

    Introducing you the latest Tuya smart security cameras powered by Ingenic T40 SoC processor, the cameras are suitable for various residential and commercial video surveillance applications. Currently, we are offering wireless security cameras, wire-free battery cameras, solar powered 4G wire-free cameras and 2x/4x camera system.

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