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DM36x IP Camera Web Interface

DM36x DM365 DM368 IPC network camera RTSP URL and firmware

Back to several years ago, the most majority IP cameras were based on DM36x ARM core processor from Texas Instrument. In DM36x series, the DM365 and DM368 were two SoC had been widely applied in final products. If you bought IP security cameras before 2015, it’s more likely that your cameras are based on these two SoC.

TI DaVinci DM365 (TMS320DM365) is the network camera solution for entry-level products. The IP camera typically has the capability of capturing HD video, the resolution is 1280x720 with frame rate of 25fps and 30fps. TI DaVinci DM368 (TSM320DM368) is IPC processor has 1080p video processing capability, it supports maximum 5-megapixel resolution. As a result, there are 2-megapixel and 5-megapixel IP cameras based on DM368 SoC. Both processors only support conventional H.264 video compression format.

Since almost all manufacturers stopped developing and producing security cameras based on TI DaVinci DM368/DM365, it’s unlikely you’re able to find the firmware for your existing IP cameras. We highly recommend you do not try to hack or tamper the firmware of your cam.

DM365/368 IPC Firmware & RTSP URL

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RTSP URL: rtsp://
DM365/368 IPC user manual download: http://dwz.date/cZHN
Firmware download (IPC DM365+AR0160): SPD5901H_1_3M_0160_A01_V06.18.02.01


How to play RTSP stream of your DM36x IPC?

  • Step 1: enable RTSP, default listen port is 554, keep the "RTP-UDP" start port the default value: 3005
  • Step 2: User the media players which support the RTSP stream playing function to play the stream. For example, using VLC player to play the RTSP stream.
  • Step 3: Click "Open media" then enter the RTSP stream url of your IPC.
  • "" is the IP address of your IP cameras, "554" is the port,"0" default port can't be changed, and your username and password, "main" means main stream.

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