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  • IP Camera Solution MStar SSC335/SSC337DE + Sony IMX307/SC4320

    IPC Module Mstar SSC335/SC337DE

    The sanction toward Huawei by US goverment has impacted the security camera market. Nowadays it becomes difficult to buy security cameras which utilize SoC from Hisilicon (Hisilicon is the subsidiary of Huawei, specializes in designing SoC for smartphones, TV boxes, IPCs and NVRs). If you can no longer buy IP cameras based on Hisilicon SoC (e.g. Hi3516A/C/D, Hi3519A/C/D), you may check products that based on MSTAR SoCs. In addition to the popular MSC313E, MSC316DM, MStar has already launched MStar 33 series SoC to meet the leftover market.

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