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Tuya Dual Lens Smart Cameras

Advantages of Tuya dual lens security cameras

What’s dual lens security camera? Dual lens security camera is a new type of security camera that has two separate lens to capture video. For example Tuya dual lens security camera has 4mm lens and 8mm lens. In addition to dual lens, the camera also has two separate image sensors inside and they share the same SoC. As the leading video camera processor developer Ingenic launched T40 SoC, the new SoC has been widely deployed in dual lens security cameras.

Dual lens security camera are not panoramic cameras, because conventional panoramic cameras use either fisheye lens to capture panoramic video or using more than 2 pieces lens to capture the panoramic view. Dual lens security camera does not offer panoramic view. 

Advantages of dual lens camera?

Dual lens can help camera to support optical zoom, this is a significant improvement over hardware. Digital zoom can be applied through software, however digital zoom can not retain image quality and details. This disadvantage can be overcomed by the optical zoom.

Dual lens Vs Motorized zoom lens

As we know motorized zoom lens also can provide optical zoom. Based on mechanical optical structure has limited the zoom speed of motorized zoom lens. In some AI functions such as face detection and face capturing, in order to capture the face in video, the optical zoom should be super fast.

Dual lens has two board lens with fixed focal length, the camera can swich between two sensors with super fast speed. Dual lens therefore can provide fast zoom experience, also improve the performance of AI functions such as face detection, face capturing and pet recognition. Furthermore, motorized zoom lens adopts motor mechanical design that consumes much power, while board lens consumes no power in usage. Therefore, dual lens design is more suitable for battery powered security camera.

Dual lens Optical Zoom Demo

When dual lens security camera emerges?

Just recently dual lens cameras emerge in market, mainly because Ingenic T40 was released in last year (2021), and dual-lens solution based on Ingenic T40 is applied to security cameras recently.

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