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Tuya Solar Powered 4G LTE PTZ Dome Camera

Data usage of 4G LTE Security Cameras

As the rapid development of 4G LTE technology, the price of 4G LTE cat.1 modem drops significantly, now camera manufacturers can provide 4G LTE security cameras which become affordable for consumers. Though 4G LTE security cameras become affordable, some consumers may feel hesitate to buy and use them, the primary reason is they think the 4G security camera will use too much cellular date therefore running cost will be unbearable.

4G Data Usage for 1080p Security Camera

Scenario Bitrate Time Data usage
Hibernate/sleep mode ≈0Mbps 1 day 5MB
Occasionally watching live stream 1Mbps 1 hour per 1 day 0.25GB-0.45GB
Continuous watching live stream 1Mbps 24 hours per 1 day 5GB-10.5GB
Playback video clips from microSD 2Mbps 1 hour per 1 day 0.5GB-0.9GB
Playback video clips from microSD 2Mbps 24 hours per 1 day 10GB-21GB
Cloud Storage 1Mbps 1 hour per 1 day 0.25GB-0.45GB
Cloud storage 1Mbps 24 hours per 1 day 5GB-10.5GB

4G security cameras can offer completely wire-free video surveillance solution, they don’t use Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, especially suitable for remote areas that both Wi-Fi/Ethernet and electricity are un-accessible. Utilizing 4G cellular network to transmit data is so far the most reliable pathway, it has been widely used in intrusion alarm monitoring devices.

After we bought the 4G smart camera, we need to insert a valid SIM card, then running the corresponding app, adding the camera to use, the whole process is straightforward. When 4G security camera works, it will use the data plan under conditions show as below.

4G security camera in hibernate/sleep mode: even the camera under hibernate mode, the 4G camera will consume a little bit data. Because the camera needs to communicate with the remote server and informs the server that it’s alive. Under this mode, the camera consumes cellular data approximately 5Mb per day.

Remote live view: when users remotely watch the live stream via app, this will use much cellular data. The usage is correlated with camera’s bitrate, bitrate encoding method (VBR, CBR). Watching live stream from your smartphone will use the data plan of your camera, not your cellphone. Basically, security cameras support dual stream technology that offers main stream (the maximum video resolution of camera) and sub stream (the minimum video resolution) simultaneously. Typically, a 1080p camera’s bitrate in main-stream/HD resolution is 2Mbps, 1Mbps in standard resolution/sub-stream. Watching live stream of your camera will consume 0.9GB per hour (2Mbps/8 x 60 x 60 = 0.9GB), under sub-stream/standard resolution 0.45GB per hour.

Data consumption used by Cloud Storage: If your 4G security camera supports cloud storage and you have enabled it, the camera will consume cellular data to upload video clips to the Cloud.

Playback video clips from memory card via App: when you playback the video from the memory card of the camera, this will consume cellular data plan too. Normally the video will be stored in the microSD memory card in mainstream (e.g. 1080p FHD). The data consumption will be as the same as the one when we watch live main stream of camera via smartphone app.

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