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2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

When we look at security camera's specification, we will find some technical terms such as 2D-DNR, 3D-DNR, although we know these technologies can greatly help improve imaging quality, few people know the detail. In this article, we intend t...

A man works on a security camera

For outdoor video surveillance applications, users have to choose outdoor security cameras. Although most of outdoor security cameras featured with waterproof design, we also realize the importance of qualified waterproof installation. Water...

IP Camera in Metro Station

Fixed lens security camera or vari-focal lens camera? Generally, fixed lens security camera is much cheaper than vari-focal lens camera. But we still recommend vari-focal camera, the vari-focal camera provides consumers and security installe...

Coaxial Cable SYV-75-5

Coaxial cable is widely used in connection for almost all analog video surveillance systems. Similar to other low-end products, almost all coaxial cable are made-in-china, these coaxial cables are compliant with Chinese standard: GB/T14864-9...

Additional illumination for Security Cameras

Without light, we can't see anything, but to security cameras, they are slightly different, some high sensitive security cameras can capture clear monochrome images in starlight illumination condition, they also can see objects in complete ...