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Also known as Sub-GHz is a wireless technology using IQRF for wireless packet-oriented communication via radio frequency that is used in Access Control Systems. It transfer frequencies between 27MHz-960 MHz, most commonly used are 433MHz and 915MHz.


In November 2012, Dahua technology released analog high-definition transmission interface technology-HDCVI(High Definition Composite Video Interface), with self-owned intellectual property right. HDCVI technology is a HD video transmission method, based on existing RG-59 or RG-6 coaxial cable. It can achieve lon...

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A Video Balun enables the transmission of video using unshielded twisted pair wire instead of coaxial cable. The word "balun" comes from combining the terms balanced and unbalanced. The function of a balun is to transform an unbalanced signal into a balanced signal. When video signal is transmitted through coaxial c...

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Hikvision 2-Megapixel HDTVI IR Camera

AHD, TVI, CVI, HD-SDI, EX-SDI are different prevailed HD-over-coaxial technologies in today’s analog surveillance market. In this article, we want to introduce you the Hikvision DS-2CC12D9T-A, which is a

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IP Camera with a Motorized Zoom Lens

Today, security camera manufacturers can provide HD security cameras come with motorized zoom lenses. Compared with the conventional manual vari-focal lens, a camera has the motorized zoom lens can automatically adj...

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