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Dahua Vehicle/Mobile DVR

Vehicle/Mobile DVR HD-CVI vs HD-TVI

Nowadays, there are many different vehicle DVRs available in the market. Although it's a small segment market of DVR, many manufacturers released mobile DVRs to join the competition. The mini compact mobile DVR owns all function that a typical DVR has. With the analog HD technology emerging, recently, Dahua upgrade its vehicle DVR to support HD-CVI technology, meanwhile Hikvision releases HD-TVI vehicle DVR.

Dahua Vehicle/Mobile DVR - MCVR5104
Dahua Vehicle/Mobile DVR - MCVR5104

As a leading security manufacturer in video surveillance products. Dahua puts much energy on developing the vehicle DVRs. MCVR5104 is the newly designed video recorder for vehicles. This recorder adopts 1 DIN size housing design, rugged and durable aluminum housing with strong anti-shock capability. With fin dissipation design to keep moderate working temperature. On its front panel, the DVR a USB port, RJ45 port; a physical plug-gable HDD bay; under the HDD bay, you can find an array of LED indicators which can show the status of power, channel, alarm, WiFi etc.

MCVR5104 Rear Panel
MCVR5104 Rear Panel

On its rear panel, the DVR offers 7 reliable aviation connectors (4x audio input, 1x audio output, 1x VGA video output, 1x power input), 1 GPS, 1 WiFi,1 3G/4G antenna connector, 1 RJ45 port, 1 RS485/CAN Bus Line and 1 Audio Input/Output, additionally it has built-in SDHC card slot to support maximum 128G storage capacity.

Different from regular video surveillance environment, vehicle DVR has to overcome vibration, wide range voltage, strong interference three core problems. MCVR5104 has solved these problems very well, firstly check its anti-shocking capability:

MCVR5104 2.5
MCVR5104 2.5" HDD Bay

The 2.5 inch HDD fixed on an anti-shocking spring frame, which can effectively reduce the vibration impact to HDD from vehicle.

HDD pin connectors also adopt wire spring design, which lets HDD connects to MCVR firmly; meanwhile, in addition to gold-plated wire spring to prevent oxidation, but also enhance the data transfer rates and security;

Utilizing 2.5 inch laptop HDD as the storage hard drive to offer better anti-shock performance, maximum 2TB storage capacity. Then checking its anti-interference performance, this equipment is went through several different anti-interference tests including 8000mV strong static interference, Microwave signal interference, High-power power supply interference, when DVR works under these environments, no image distortion and other problems happen.This DVR accept a wide range voltage, it supports 6-36V wide range voltage input, it works well when vehicle starts, speeds up, slows down that may cause unstable power supply.

This new mobile DVR integrates Dahua patent HD-CVI technology. MCVR5104 is an analog high definition mobile digital video recorder, it supports 2 channel 1080p full HD video input, and 2 channel 720p HD video input,4 channel simultaneously video encoding and recording, 1 channel video decoding to playback.

MCVR5104 1100TVL Resolution
MCVR5104 1100TVL Resolution

In this test, MCVR connects to a 1080p HD-CVI camera, the camera aims at a resolution testing card, from the captured and recorded video, we can find that its horizontal and vertical resolution reach up to 1100TVL, high image quality. For previewing, the VGA merely supports 850TVL. However, recorded video still keeps the same image qualitywhich provides 1080P HD quality video for late investigation.

For vehicle monitoring, the video transmission is always the road block for developing vehicle DVRs. It seems 4G and 5G cellular technology is the answer. Dahua has already conquered this barrier, MCVR can achieve 4G video transmission with 720p HD resolution. Additionally, MCVR offers some different ways to transmit video:

  • 4G transmission: supporting 4G cellular technology and back compatible with 3G, suitable for real-time wireless HD video transmission; or multiple video streams, transmitting low resolution or low bitrate to fit narrow network bandwidth; or only sending snapshots when an alarm occur.
  • WiFi: connecting WiFi module, or selecting the model has built-in WiFi. When vehicle enters into parking lot, automatically transmitting video data to control center.
  • Manually copy: if WiFi can't meet the requirement, users can take out HDD bay to retrieve data from HDD through a USB connection.
  • Positioning: this DVR has built-in GPS, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, can be customized with GLONASS.

Hikvision DS-MP7504 is a vehicle DVR based on Linux OS, it supports 4 channel HD-TVI analog HD video signals input, back-compatible with 960H and D1 standard definition cameras. Using the same cable to transmit both power supply and video signal, so that front-end cameras can be powered directly from DVR. No matter using HD-TVI HD cameras or CVBS signal cameras, Cameras can use existing cables to connect with DVR, no need new cable layout, reducing the installation cost.

Hikvision DS-MP7504 Mobile DVR
Hikvision DS-MP7504 Mobile DVR
Hikvision DS-MP7504 Mobile DVR
Hikvision DS-MP7504 Mobile DVR Rear Panel

DS-MP7504 vehicle DVR also adopts aluminum housing design, inside has not fan, in order to provide good heat dissipation, each sides of housing adopt fin design. In the real test, the vehicle DVR can maintain regular temperature without obvious increasing of temperature.

Its front panel has simple design, including a RJ45 port for convenient network connection, a USB ports for U disc and mouse; then you can find an array of LED indicators including power supply, recording, alarm, GSM cellular signal, GPS, which allow users to know running status of equipment; meanwhile, it has SDHC card slot built-in to support 128G on-board storage.

Hikvision DS-MP7504 Mobile DVR HDD Bay
Hikvision DS-MP7504 HDD Bay

Feature of DS-MP7504:

  • Accurate codec: 4 channel HD-TVI 720p analog HD video camera with backward compatibility, H.264 video compression format.
  • Good structural design: utilizing aviation connectors, using the same cable to transmit both data and power supply, anti-shocking HDD bay design.
  • Flexible networks: can be customized all kinds of satellite positioning and navigation, 3G/4G network transmission, WiFi transmission etc, can also login the device through the IP network, or to unplug the hard drive for data downloading with USB mode, flexible and convenient.
  • Support dual HDDs, video storage capacity doubled

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