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Swocket WiFi Socket

Swocket WiFi Socket Makes your Home Smart

We have to admit that smart home automation product is really popular, especially those products based on smartphone Application. Starting to use smartphone automation, you may not use an expensive and sophisticated system, just buying a smart plug or socket. Consumers can find a variety of smart plugs utilize different wireless technologies including WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, DECT ULE, RF433 etc.

Swocket, is a new startup company that located in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. The company will launched Rory, which is a WiFi smart socket. The concept behind this new product is offering open source smart plug that allows you to turn on/off any home appliances remotely through smartphone and PC.  Currently, Swocket hasn't released the technical data of Rory, we only know that it can connect to your home router through WiFi connection. However, according to swocket official website, the Rory smart socket will provide the following functions.

Rory WiFi Smart Socket

The highlights of swocket

Make your home appliance smart: No matter if it's your old trusty washing machine or the latest home cinema system - swocket turns your dumb devices into smart ones.

Works with WiFi connection: Swocket can connect to Internet via WiFi, so you don't need to setup another blinking box - you already have everything you need.

Monitoring home appliances: Swocket can monitor the status of your home appliances. It can notify you when a connected home appliance stops or starts using electricity, for example, when laundry is done or when you are cat turned on the TV.

Monitoring electricity usage data: Do you wanna know the exactly electricity consumption? Do you know how much electricity you use monthly? The swocket will tell you where the electricity consumed, and offering some advice to save electricity consumption.

APIs for IFTTT integration: Swocket offers API, which allows it to integrate with services like IFTTT

Open source, open hardware: We believe in and benefit greatly from Open Source and Open hardware, that's why we share our knowledge with the community.

So far, we only can get these information from Swocket website, it's still unknown when this product will be available in the market. If you want to know other smart plugs or sockets, you may want to read our another article - SMAHome Magazine: Smart plug keeps home energy in check. You will find almost 13 different smart plugs utilized different technologies from Asian and European manufacturers.

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