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HD Network Camera Panasonic WV-SPN631

Panasonic WV-SPN631 2.4MP Network Camera Test Report

In the past, we wrote some test reports of Hikvision and Dahua network security products. In today's global video surveillance market, Japanese brands still occupy large market shares. Japanese electronics giants Sony and Panasonic specialize in developing and manufacturing high quality network cameras. In this article, we share the test report of Panasonic WV-SPN631, which is a 2.4 megapixel high-speed frame rate network box camera supports WDR.

Panasonic WV-SPN631
Panasonic WV-SPN631

Aesthetic simple housing design

Panasonic WV-SPN631 looks simple and elegant. The camera painted with white and black colors. It's a standard box camera that utilizes ABS plastic material. The overall quality is durable and reliable. On the right side of camera housing, there is a sliding cover, open the sliding cover, you can find dual microSD/TF card slots which enables camera to support maximum 128GB on-board storage capacity, ABF (Automatic back focus) button, SD Card ON/OFF button, SD Card Slot LED indicators. The dual microSD card slots design can not only enable camera to store video, but also can be used to buffer video transmission especially when network camera encounters short period network interruption. 

High-speed frame rate performance

High-speed frame rate can provide some obvious benefits; compared with conventional 30fps or 25fps network cameras, high-speed frame rate camera can capture highly detailed images when capture high speed moving objects, moreover, can deliver smooth video stream without flicking problem.

Panasonic WV-SPN631 is such a high-speed frame rate network camera, in 1080p and 720p resolution formats, it can achieve max.60fps video streaming. Under the video parameter settings of 1080p@60fps, 6Mbps, we put the camera aim at outdoor traffic road. The captured video is clear, smooth, no dragging or flicking problems. High-speed frame rate camera is the ideal security camera when users want to use it for highway video surveillance monitoring.

Excellent 1080p image quality

This camera uses its own Panasonic 1/2.8" megapixel CMOS image sensor. Although utilizing 2.3MP CMOS image sensor, this camera can deliver 3 megapixel high definition images with help of exclusive Panasonic imaing technology.

In 1080p@60fps, 6Mbps video parameter, put the camera aim to resolution testing card. Both horizontal and vertical resolution reaches up to 1000TVL, edge resolution is 800TVL. Changing video parameter to 3.0MP@30fps, 6Mbps, the horizontal and vertical resolution reaches up to 1100TVL, edge resolution is 850TVL, the Panasonic imaging technology is so impressive; furthermore, we change the video parameter to 1080p@60fps, 4Mbps, we find that its resolution keeps as same as it works in 1080p@60fps, 6Mbps, which means its has good bandwidth adaption capability.

Panasonic WV-SPN631 Resolution
3.0MP@30fps, Resolution can reach 1100TVL

True color reproduction, vivid color

Using the 24 colors reproduction card, we find that the captured image doesn't have color distortion problem, color reproduced accurately. Meanwhile, the camera's recognizable grayscale level can reach 18 grade in the late greyscale testing. This camera also supports other user-intuitive functions, for instance, it support 3x optical zoom (in 640x360 resolution format), user can operate 3x optical zoom and 2-4x digital zoom through camera web interface; cooperating its auto focus function, this brings user a great friendly operation experience. What if lens encounters distortion? don't be panic. This camera supports 256 grade distortion correction function. The distortion correction function can correct the image distortion which caused by the lens.

Panasonic WV-SPN631 Greyscale
Recognizable greyscale reaches up to 18

Excellent video latency time

This camera supports 60fps high-speed frame rate, then what is the video latency time? Put this camera aim to monitor, running software to measure its video latency time. In 1080p@60fps, 6Mbps video parameter, the average video delay time is 179ms; when video changed to 1080p@60fps, 4Mbps, the video delay time is 120ms, its performance is quite excellent.

Good low illumination performance

Install a F=1.6 CS lens to this camera, then put the camera into dark box to test its low illumination performance. We gradually decrease the illumination inside the box, when illumination is 1.69Lux, image still keeps clean, no color-saturation problem; in 0.6Lux, this camera will automatically switch to B/W mode, the image becomes monochrome, but no image noise; when illumination decreased to 0.01Lux, image noise appears, but objects in image are still clear. you may note that AGC and Digital noise reduction can greatly improve the image quality.

Panasonic WV-SPN631 Greyscale
1.69 Lux
Panasonic WV-SPN631 Greyscale
0.01 Lux, B/W mode

Superb WDR performance

This camera supports superb wide dynamic range, can achieve maximum 133dB WDR range. Letting camera aim at a doll which is inside a strong light lamp shade. When WDR is disabled, you only can see a highly over-exposured white spot, doll is invisible. After we enable the WDR, the image get improved, strong light sport disappeared, doll becomes visible. Additionally, it also support back light compensation (BLC), which can improve the brightness of background scene in monitoring image.

VIQS and Defog

This camera supports VIQS and Defog functions. VIQS stands for Variable Image Quality on Specified Area, according to Panasonic technical document, VIQS can set different picture quality in multiple areas within one picture on the camera side. Using VIQS can reduce 20-30% network bandwidth, consequently, reduce the total video storage capacity. Additionally, Panasonic supports defog function, this function can improve image quality when camera working in foggy, raining, dusty weather conditions.

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