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Smart pet feeder with HD webcam

Best automatic pet feeder with webcam

Looking for pet feeder for your lovely dog or cat? We recommend the automatic pet feeder with webcam. It’s one of internet of thing invention, the new pet feeder can allow pet parents remotely feed their pet wherever they’re. Flexible feeding methods; manually feed or set a schedule for meal time. You even can control how many portions it should supply, carefully track your pet’s nutrition, so that your pet will have a good health.

Equipped with microphone and speaker, you can call him/her to have meal or talk. Unifore can provide smart pet feeder with webcam, the webcam is capable of capturing 1280x960 HD (1.3MP) resolution video, pet owners can watch online live stream through smartphone App. Moreover, the camera has a super wide angle lens can provide ultra wide viewing angle, so that you can monitor indoor and keep your pet safe and secure.  

Smart pet feeder with HD camera

It’s a modern and beautiful 6 liter size design pet feeder, can be filled with up to 15 days food for small animals, the container is removable for easy cleaning. Unique magnetic lock can prevent your naughty pets from opening. Backup battery design ensures keeping pet fed even the electricity power is outage. The feeder is suitable for 1-15mm diameter any kind of dispense dry or wet pet food.

#1 Easy to setup

We have 10 years on developing smart cameras, this pet feeder can be easily set through smartphone App, simply press the set button, you are able to set its WiFi and make it online, so that you can access it remotely. 

Easy setup Wi-Fi smart pet feeder

#2. Record voice message 

It supports voice recording function, you can remotely play voice message to call your pets to have meal on time.

Record voice message to pet feeder

#3. Automatic feeding with feedback

Pet owners can easily set meal time and automatically feed your pets with set portion. It can send feedback to you for each meal, you can carefully track pet’s food consumption and nutrition.

Automatically feed your pets through smartphone app

#4. Manually feed your pet

Not just remotely feed your dog or cat, you are able to press set button to feed him/her locally. Pressing “set” button for one time, the pet feeder will produce one portion pet food.

Manually feed pet

#5. Remotely video monitoring

Do you wanna know what your lovely pet is doing when you’re away? No need to spend money on buying and installing another HD camera, this intelligent pet feeder has a HD webcam, you can remotely watch video when they are eating and playing inside house, you also can record the video to its built-in microSD card (max. 128GB, not included), then playback on your smartphone and share with your friends. Being intimate with your lovely pets anywhere, anytime.

Remote video monitoring

#6. Real-time 2-way audio intercom

Enjoy playing and interacting with your pet remotely, pet parents can watch HD video while talk with pets wherever they’re. No poor quality audio, the product can provide you high quality and crystal clear audio intercom function.

Real-time 2-way audio intercom

#7. Snapshot and sharing

Taking snapshot remotely through smartphone then share with your friends or social media. 

Snapshot and sharing

The bottom line, pet feeder is the essential tool to raise your lovely pets Instead of using a simple bowel, you should use the smart pet feeder with a HD camera. It really makes your live more convenient and brings you peace of mind. You can not only monitor pet, but also can monitor your house for security. Today, the price of smart pet feeder becomes affordable, it’s the best gift to your pet.

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