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H.265 Network Camera System

Hisilicon Hi3516CV300 IMX323 2MP H.265 IP camera solution

Bandwidth plays an important role when we consider to deploy IP video surveillance system, especially when the video surveillance system aims to achieve resolution higher than 2-megapixel. As the H.265/HEVC video compression can double the data compression ratio compared to H.264/AVC while achieving the same level of video quality, many security experts predict the H.265 will replace the H.264, and become the dominant standard in video surveillance industry.

Hisilicon, the leading HD video solution developer recently launched the Hi3516CV300 SoC, which is a Full HD IP camera SoC providing 1920x1080@25/30fps video encoding capability with H.265/HEVC video compression. Similar to the existing Hi3516A and Hi3516D, the newly launched Hi3516CV300 can back-compatible with H.264 compression. 

Hisilicon IP Camera SoC Roadmap
Hisilicon IP Camera SoC Roadmap

The potential benefits offered by H.265 are as below: 

  • Adopting H.265 video compression can reduce bitrate to half, saving 50% bandwidth, while retaining the same image quality.
  • Saving 50% video storage space.
  • Can offer higher quality video for bandwidth-constrained mobile networks.
  • Future-proof, can be compatible with both H.265 and H.264 products.

Hi3516CV300 + AR0237 IP camera module has been launched into market, Hi3516CV300 + IMX323 will be released soon. AR0237 is a 2-megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor. IMX323 is the latest 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor from Sony.

Hi3516CV300 + AR0237 IP Camera Module
Full HD 1080p H.265 IP Camera Module

Some users may wonder the performance of this solution. Herein we provide you the video image which had been captured by the Hi3516CV300+AR0237 IP camera module.

Indoor Image (Hi3516CV300 + AR0237)
Indoor Image (Hi3516CV300 + AR0237)
Outdoor Image (Hi3516CV300 + AR0237)
Indoor Image (Hi3516CV300 + AR0237)

As we know, the camera's image performance was determined by its image sensor. Hi3516CV300+AR0237 is able to capture crisp, no noise, true color reproduction image when it monitors indoor scene. Outdoor image is crystal clear, has good image depth and the color reproduction is accurate.

Hi3516CV300 SoC Document Download

Hi3516CV300 SoC Brief Datasheet Full Datasheet

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