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Panoramic Camera Vatics SoC

360 degree panoramic WiFi camera based on Vatics M392C SoC

According to the IHS markit report, there are approximate 66 million network cameras shipped globally in 2016. The smart WiFi cameras become popular among residential users, and it gradually becomes the essential home appliance to everyone. As long as there is an Internet connection, users can watch the video feed remotely anywhere, anytime.

The civilian video surveillance market becomes big, the competition among different manufacturers also inevitably becomes fierce, especially Chinese manufacturers initiated the price war. Now global consumers can buy HD WiFi cameras with extreme low price.  In order to keep thriving in the market, many Chinese manufacturers released the 360 degree panoramic network camera with very attractive price.

Vatics, the subsidiary company is owned by Vivotek, it’s a HD and Super HD media SoC (System-on-Chip) solutions provider in Taiwan. The company specializes in providing the HD video camera processor which integrated with an advanced image processing pipeline, an H.264 encoder engine, and rich peripherals. Vatics SoC portfolio including M3851C, M3881C, M3882C and M392C, which are H.264 encoder SoC with integrated fisheye correction and DDR function.

XiongMai 360° Fisheye WiFi Camera
XiongMai 360° Fisheye WiFi Camera (Vatics SoC)


  • Based Vatics M392C platform network camera
  • Leveraging 720p/960p/1080p CMOS image sensor
  • Equipped with 360 degree fisheye glass lens
  • P2P cloud connection, through Ethernet to transmit video+audio data
  • Playing video stream on Smartphone through designated App
Vatics Fisheye Camera Design Block Diagram
Vatics Fisheye Camera Design Block Diagram

Main Features

  • DSP fisheye correction to achieve surround video surveillance, no blind spot.
  • Video encoding support 720p/1080
  • Ultra low power quick boot, can be powered by battery, standby current 300uA
  • External/Internal DDR, hardware design becomes more easy
  • H.264 video compression standard
Vatics Fisheye Camera Development Kit
Vatics Fisheye Camera Development Kit

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