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Motion sensor for outdoor perimeter

PIR motion sensor for outdoor perimeter protection

Perimeter security system can guard and protect the perimeter of your property. It can deterrent the burglary or break-ins before intruders enter into your house. Infrared sensors are the ideal devices for this application. To setup a perimeter security system, consumers can choose to deploy either active infrared beam sensors or PIR motion sensors around the boundaries of house.

As the pioneer security equipment manufacturer - Unifore, can provide you a wide range of active infrared beam sensors, as well as outdoor PIR motion sensors. Today, we are delighted to introduce you the VS-T1, which is a top-notch security sensor. Compared with other PIR motion sensor, this sensor adopts dual technologies, utilizing built-on 2 PIR sensors and microwave sensor to accurately detect human movement. Most importantly, it's IP66 rated weatherproof design security sensor, it works in bothin indoor and outdoor environment.

With purpose of avoiding false alarm, VS-T2 has one PIR motion sensors on upper and down. Additionally, it has built-in microwave sensor. The alarm will be triggered once three security sensors pickup the movement simultaneously. As a result, the sensor can provide 25 kg pet immunity. Even one small animal walks into detection area, the sensor will ignore it by its false alarm elimination algorithm.

This detector is powered by Lithium-ion battery (CR123A), which can enable detector to work for one or two years. It's designed to work with wireless alarm system. The detector has built-in wireless transmitter, it can communicate with wireless alarm panel through 433MHz frequency. Currently, this detector is compatible with the most majority of wireless alarm system from Chinese manufacturers.

  • Working voltage: 3V Lithium-ion battery
  • Ignore animal below 45KG (pet-immunity)
  • IP66 full sealed waterproof design
  • Quad-technology for both outdoor/indoor application
  • Equipped with microwave sensor, and two PIR motion sensors
  • Detection angle 110°, maximum detection distance 28ft
  • Detection range adjustable
  • Day/night mode
  • Pluse count: 2-3 pluse count
  • True temperature compensation technology
  • Compatible with 433MHz PT2262 or eV1527 alarm panel
  • Wireless range 100 meters - 300 meters
  • Working with battery (included with 3.3V Lithium-ion battery)
  • Tamper design
  • Wall mount bracket included
  • Wide working temperature -30°-65°

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