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Home/Office HD IP Camera

Smart HD IP Camera for Home Office Shop Security

We are seeing the increasing demand of high definition video monitoring for home, shop, office. Thanks for the rapid technology development, video monitoring couldn't be easier before. Today, we are pleased to introduce you the eRobot D1201-A/B, which is a smart IP camera for residential and small business monitoring. The system supports simply installation, and secure WiFi connection, allowing user to record video in 720p HD with audio to the 32GB memory card (not included). This camera not only allows user to view live and recorded video anywhere with included free smartphone App (Android & iPhone), but also giving you a complete security solution through working with 64 wireless sensors.

Smart burglary/break-ins detection

Setup a complete video surveillance + intrusion detection wireless security system with our eRobot D1201-A/B. This camera ingrates latest intrusion detection features, it works with various kinds of wireless sensors such as reed switches, wireless PIR motion sensor, wireless smoke sensor, perimeter beam sensor and more. User can control the system through smartphone App or remote keyfob. When homeowners leave home, just swipe your smartphone to activate its alarm detection function. Once a sensor is tripped, alarm will be triggered. eRobot will send users push notifications and email with photos.

Remotely pan/tilt rotation

Offering wide viewing angle with its built-in 3.6mm fixed lens, and utilizing the rotation mechanical design to offer 355 degree horizontal pan rotation, and 125 degree tilt rotation. This enables camera to provide you the widest viewing angle, and secure your home/office/shop with only single camera installed. No video surveillance blind spots, you are connecting with your family or business. Just swipe on video, the camera will rotate as you desired, easy to use.

720p Live view and record

Experience surveillance video that leaves nothing to the imagination. Adopting 1/3 progressive scan CMOS image sensor (1.3MP) to deliver 720p HD resolution. User can watch HD video through smartphone, PC software, IE browser from anywhere. Record 720p video with audio for incredible picture quality that offers great detail. The video can be recorded on edge TF/MicroSD card or your smartphone, PC, laptop. The included free 2CU smartphone App can support different recording modes including manual, schedule, motion detection, alarm.

WiFi/Lan network connection

To simplify the installation, eRobot IP camera support WiFi wireless connection. User can install the camera to anywhere as long as there is WiFi signal coverage. Additionally, you can connect the camera to your local router through an Ethernet cable. Since it adopts "Peer to Peer" technology, the camera can support plug-n-play use. Compared with traditional IP cameras, eRobot doesn't require manual network setting, no DDNS, no port mapping, the camera can automatically connect to Internet for hassle-free installation.

Security around the workplace is everybody's business. It's the primary responsibility of management. Lectures and safety tips can play vital role for overall safety of your business, but you also can install security systems such as access control, burglar alarm, video surveillance system to improve the security of your business. eRobot can provide both HD video monitoring and burglary detection functions for this purpose. Additionally, it's very affordable.

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