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Linux Embedded Recorder - Mini NVR2

Super mini NVR2 portable NVR solution for Home IP Cameras

Unifore is pleased to introduce its latest network video recorder for high definition IP surveillance camera, the Mini NVR2 which is a lightweight and portable NVR offers advanced function with stable performance. Similar to other IP surveillance products, Mini NVR2's setup is simple and easy, it adopts "Peer to Peer" technology for easy Internet connection, even without hassle port forwarding settings.

This Mini NVR2 portfolio includes 4 channel, 9 channel, 16 channel different models, they can work with 4 IP cameras and 9 IP cameras, as well as 16 IP cameras separately. The flexible resolution selections, allow NVR to work with 720p, 1080p, and 3MP, even 5MP resolution IP cameras. This Mini NVR2 is based on Linux embedded system to provide advanced recording features, and support manual, schedule, alarm, event recording modes, built-in web interface to allow user remotely view from anywhere. Mini NVR2 is the perfect solution for home, shop, office digital surveillance applications.

Ultra HD Video Recording

This is a professional high definition video recording server, it supports video streaming recording from different resolutions. The maximum resolution supports 5 megapixel, and it can record both video & audio simultaneously. This NVR has embedded Linux OS, which enables system to provide high stability and secure performance to immune virus attacks.

Advanced Recording Features

Offering different recording modes to meet different surveillance needs. It can automatically search the available IP cameras, therefore eliminating the hassle settings, supports record video and audio simultaneously in real time. With PTZ function and motion detection, privacy mask, system log, video backup...and more features.

Additionally, it has one SATA port, support one bay HDD (2.5 inch), and maximum 4TB storage capacity. Being equipped with eSATA port, this NVR can extend to unlimited storage capacity. Mini NVR2 supports dual local video output, it has both VGA and HDMI ports. Enjoy the HD monitoring with 1080p HD quality.

Web View + Smartphone View

Mini NVR2 support three different remotely view methods, it comes with PC software which allows user to manage multiply NVRs account, also it has web interface, user can config the NVR settings through its user friendly web interface with ease, also allowing user to watch live video online. Thanks for free smartphone App, customers can watch the real time video through their smartphones (iPhone, Android).

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