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  • How to use eRobot CMSClient Software?

    eRobot D1201-A IP Camera

    eRobot is new generation network camera, it's designed for home and business security. Different from traditional IP camera, eRobot camera supports motion detection and wireless zones to work with up to 64 wireless sensors.

  • Smart HD IP Camera for Home Office Shop Security

    Home/Office HD IP Camera

    We are seeing the increasing demand of high definition video monitoring for home, shop, office. Thanks for the rapid technology development, video monitoring couldn't be easier before. Today, we are pleased to introduce you the eRobot D1201-A/B, which is a smart IP camera for residential and small business monitoring. The system supports simply installation, and secure WiFi connection, allowing user to record video in 720p HD with audio to the 32GB memory card (not included). This camera not only allows user to view live and recorded video anywhere with included free smartphone App (Android & iPhone), but also giving you a complete security solution through working with 64 wireless sensors.

  • Smart Home IP Camera has Z-Wave Integration

    Smart Building Design/Banner

    We are entering into industrial 4.0 era, while the Z-Wave technology is gaining more popularity in smart home applications, Unifore, the China smart home solution provider, has observed the trend and brought a Z-Wave based gateway feature to its home camera. With this value-added camera as a center, users can exert full control over Z-Wave sensors/accessories in their residences.

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