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Yoosee Dual Lens Wireless Security PTZ Camera

Review Yoosee Dual Lens Wireless PTZ Security Camera

Yoosee cameras are suitable for both residential and commercial video surveillance applications. Many users like to use the Yoosee app, as it offers versatile features. Furthermore, Yoosee cameras support standalone mode, which can work without Internet connection. There is another advantage, that’s Yoosee cameras are compatible with third-party software and NVRs. For example, I can add Yoosee cameras to my Home Assistant.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera 

Today, we bring you the latest model Yoosee Z02, this camera looks small and it has two cameras. Technically speaking it adopts dual lens imaging system. Comparing with traditional cameras, it adopts internal Wi-Fi antenna design which makes it look beautiful and can blend into your house decoration. Z02 is a PTZ camera, it supports 355 degrees pan rotation and 75 degrees tilt rotation. Therefore, this camera can provide panoramic view to cover the entire place and leave no blind spots.

Yoosee Dual Lens PTZ Camera
Yoosee Dual Lens PTZ Camera

In front of camera, it has two lenses, just resemble two big eyes. They’re not the same. One lens’ focal length is 4mm which is responsible to offer wide viewing angle up to 100 degrees, the other focal length is 12mm, which is a telephoto lens offer narrow viewing angle. There are two benefits to utilizing dual lens including it can expand the viewing angle and can offer 8x optical zoom function.

Owing to the dual lens design, the camera’s focal length is 4mm – 12mm, this offers 8x optical zoom. No need to tap the button, placing two fingers on the image near each other and spread them apart can zoom in. Though most security cameras support digital zoom which adopts software algorithm to enlarge image (which leading to losses of image quality), optical zoom can enlarge objects in image while retaining image quality.

Yoosee Dual Lens 8x Optical Zoom
8x Optical Zoom
Yoosee Dual Lens PTZ Camera
Yoosee Dual Lens PTZ Camera

2-Megapixel 1080P FHD Resolution

The camera adopts dual CMOS image sensors, and camera’s image resolution is 1920x1080, approximately 2-Megapixel. It employing the 4th generation image processing technology featuring digital wide dynamic range and 3D digital noise reduction. Owing to the advanced image processing technology, the camera can always see details when camera rotates from indoor room to the window of balcony.

Dual Lens Camera Indoor Image
Dual Lens Camera Indoor Image

Watching Multiple Cameras on App

As I know, most app only supports watching one camera at the same time. The Yoosee camera can support multiple cameras viewing through the app. This function is very convenient and useful to users who have installed multiple cameras. Now just using Yoosee app, I can watch four cameras simultaneously, and I don’t need to buy and use a DVR/NVR recorder.

Viewing 4 Cameras Simultaneously
Viewing 4 Cameras Simultaneously

Panoramic Viewing Up to 360 Degrees

Unlike other similar products, Yoosee Z02 smart camera can support preset position. The number of preset positions is unlimited. Taping the thumbnail of preset positions, the camera can automatically rotate to the designated destination. The preset position helps users to monitor multiple key areas such as window, balcony, door.

Yoosee Camera PTZ Preset Positions
PTZ Preset Positions

Motion Detection and Object Tracking

Since it’s a smart camera, it supports motion detection and object tracking. The motion detection adopts software algorithm can detect the moving objects. Users can adjust the sensitivity from low to high. When intrusion occurs, shop/home owners will get notified by receiving instant notifications. Furthermore, users can set the schedule to stipulate when motion detection is effective. Lastly, users can manually turn on/off the motion detection through the menu on app.

The camera also offers snapshot function. When motion detection occurs, it will upload the snapshots to the cloud server. Uploading video to Cloud severs is paid function, while uploading snapshots/pictures is free.

It also supports object tracking function, when a moving object appear in camera’s view, it will automatically track the object

Yoosee Camera Settings Functions
Yoosee Camera Settings Functions

Local storage up to 128G

The camera has a microSD card slot, after inserting a memory card, the camera can record the video on it. The maximum supported size is 128G. The app offers full-time, motion detection, schedule three different recording mode. When the memory card is full, it will keep recording by erasing the oldest video files.

Yoosee Camera NVR Connection
Yoosee Camera NVR Connection

ONVIF Compliant for Third-party Integration

ONVIF is the universal protocol for communication among different types of network devices. Yoosee cameras comply with ONVIF specification. It works with third-party software and hardware. For instance, Yoosee cameras work with Synology NAS, Hikvision/Dahua NVRs, IPCam apps, iSpy/BlueIris/Agent DVR/VMS software. Yoosee cameras also can be integrated into Home Assistant. Lastly, in addition to the Android and iOS app, Yoosee offers CMSClient software for Window OS computers.

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