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Solar powered 4K PTZ Dome Security Camera

Benefits to Use Solar Powered 4K Dual-Lens PTZ Dome Security Camera

Introducing you the latest design PTZ dome camera for outdoor video surveillance applications. The product adopts all-in-one design, including a solar panel on the top and rechargeable batteries built-in the camera, therefore it offers completely wire-free installation. Furthermore, the product utilizes 2 separate cameras offering optical zoom capability, this design is called “Dual lens”. It’s a PTZ dome camera supporting 355-degree pan and 90-degree tilt rotation, the produce can offer panoramic view that covering a large area. It’s ideal product for outdoor video surveillance applications such as residential, parking lot, garden, construction side, base-station…etc.

Security Camera with Solar Panel
Security Camera with Solar Panel

Wire-free Installation

All-in-one design, including a 5-watt solar panel which can convert sunlight to energy effectively. The high efficient solar panel can offer adequate power to the camera in the day time even under challenging weather conditions such as continuous cloudy or rainy days. Moreover, the camera includes 4pcs 18650 type rechargeable battery built-in, its capacity reaches up to 20000mAH. The battery enables the camera to work at night or under low light condition. Including power charging management and protection helps camera to operate in under 24-7 without disruption.

Installation fee is costly for outdoor installation of security cameras. Thanks to the solar panel and Wi-Fi wireless technology, users can benefit from the wire-free feature, hence the camera can be installed without wiring any cables. This helps to reduce installation cost, paying zero fee for the electricity, it’s also maintenance-free.

Security Camera with Solar Panel
Security Camera with Solar Panel

Ultra Wide Coverage

One PTZ camera can offer an ultra wide viewing angle that equals the total of four bullet cameras. Why? PTZ stands for pan tilt zoom, this PTZ dome camera can support 355-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degee vertical rotation, hence it provides nearly 360 degree viewing angle.

Furthermore, it has two separate lens, each lens offers 2K resolution video by utilizing 4-megapixel CMOS image sensors, the total resolution reaches up to 4K. The lens comes with different focal length hence offering different field of view. The upper lens with 2.8mm focal lens enables the camera to offer wide viewing angle (nearly 120-degree), the bottom lens is 6mm offering a close-up view.

Lastly, users can choose the model that having an optical zoom lens built-in, the zoom lens can be selected between 2.8~12mm (4x optical zoom capability) and 5~50mm (10x optical zoom capability) though this will increase the product cost.

Security Camera with Solar Panel
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Covering Large Area
Security Camera with Dual Lens
Security Camera with Dual Lens

Accurate Motion Detection

Intending to offer accurate motion detection, the product has a PIR motion sensor built-in. The PIR component helps camera to detect intruders accurately. Comparing conventional motion detection based on image/video analysis, the product can achieve 95% accuracy in human movement detection.

Deterring Intruders Effectively with Dual Light

Dual light technology is firstly introduced by Sony to its security cameras. In old days, security cameras usually use the Infrared LEDs to help cameras see at night. However, the captured video is monochrome. Dual light system combines both Infrared and white lights. The white light can illuminate the monitored area which enabling security camera to capture color video and also deter intruders effectively. Dual light system offers a great flexibility to users whether they require crystal clear night viewing in monochrome or color.

AI Powered Security Cameras

In addition to the advanced hardware design, the product has the cutting edge software that offering versatile smart functions. Powered by AI technology, the camera can support object recognition, notifying you immediately when it recognizes any people, pet, cars. It also supports humanoid tracking; the camera automatically tracks the people when she/he enters into the view.

Local Recording or Cloud Storage

The product has a micro SD card slot supporting up to 128GB local video storage. The camera can keep recording for 24 hours when the remaining power is more than 50%. When the remaining power drops below half (50%), the camera only records video on the premise that motion detection occurs. No subscription fee for video recording and you’re able to manage the video clips by yourself. Alternatively, you’re able to subscribe the cloud storage plan.

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