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OPTEX REDSCAN Laser Scan Detector

Laser Scan Detector for Alarm and Video Surveillance - OPTEX

Security detectors are essential components for security protection and monitoring. Active infrared beam detectors have been widely used in perimeter detection to work with perimeter alarm, burglar alarm system, video surveillance system. Japanese security companies such as ALEPH, OPTEX get ahead in infrared and microwave detection technology. In this article, we will show you the OPTEX REDSCAN (RLS-3060) which is a laser scan detector.

Actually, REDCAN launched in 2009, but I guess few people know this product. Before we discuss this product, let's find what the laser scan technology is. 

What's laser scan technology?

In order to provide reliable and accurate outdoor detection for alarm system and video surveillance system, Optex firstly introduced the concept of infrared laser scan technology into security detector. The detector has built-in infrared laser sensor which is able to constantly or periodically emit 905 nm wavelength laser to scan the guarding/detection area, sample signals will be collected then transmitted to digital signal processor. DSP will analysis these sample signals, if the DSP determines it detects a moving object, detector will output alarm signals.

905 nm Laser Diode
905 nm Laser Diode

Introduction - REDSCAN

OPTEX RLS-3060 is an innovative laser scan sensor, it adopts silver color housing comes with rain/snow shield design to avoid interference by weather conditions. This sensor adopts IP66 weatherproof design. Open this sensor, we can see its rich interface; it has many adjustment buttons which allow user to choose detection distance and the size of detecting object e.g. when sensor installed vertically, the size of detection object can choose S (250mm or above), M (350mm or above), L (500mm or above). Moreover, you can adjust sensor's detection sensitivity(H: 100ms, suitable for detection of running objects; M: 150ms; L: 200ms, suitable for detection of big objects such as vehicle). Lastly, this sensor supports TCP/IP network (Ethernet, RJ-15, 10-Base-T/100-Base-TX port), Alarm output, Trouble Output, Power Input (Supports 24V AC or DC power supply), Zone Alarm, etc terminals. Additionally, it has a reset switch which allow user to reset the sensor to factory settings.

REDSCAN RLS-3060 Laser Detector
REDSCAN RLS-3060 Laser Detector

On the back of detector, you can find a stainless plate which has several holes for different installation, it can be mounted on metal pole and swivel bracket, horizontal detection can choose using metal pole, while the installation height is 0.7 - 1 meter; vertical detection can choose swivel bracket; detection angle can be adjusted, recommended installation height is 4 - 15 meters, can be suitable for different applications. 

190°Detection, stable performance

OPTEX RLS-3060 utilizes infrared laser scan method, laser wave length is 905 nm, which can avoid interference from widely used 850nm laser equipment, its protection grade is class 1 (maximum power is 0.015mW), direct emitting will not harm to human skin and eyes, in order to ensure application's safety, in horizontal detection, RLS-3060 can create a detection distance 30 meters, angle 190°sector detection area; in vertical detection,  it can cover a maximum 60 meters detection area, the laser rotation frequency is 20 rev/ sec, one sample for every 0.25°in high-speed scanning, total 760 times sampling in 190°sector area's scanning, which can form a tight protective wall.

OPTEX REDSCAN Detection Scope
OPTEX REDSCAN Detection Scope

RLS-3060 utilizes Time of Flight method to measure distance, through measure the time gap between laser emitting and receiving can calculate object's distance. Additionally, it also can measure the size, distance, speed of moving objects to detect human and vehicle, its special algorithm can avoid detecting small animals, swaying of tree branches etc interference factors, to ensure detector work in rain, foggy, snow extreme weather conditions. When a man stands in front of detector, moving arms will not trigger alarm, but once the man starts to walk, the system will display the track of moving, it is manifest that this detector is able to precisely detect moving object's size, distance, speed. Besides, through hardware and software etc high-end design to achieve long-life- low failure rate stable performance.

Supports PTZ - Linkage and Auto Self-Checking

RLS-3060 has 4 individual N.O. outputs, it can connect with PTZ security cameras, when alarm occurs, system will automatically rotate camera to breached zone, through camera image capturing, users can know the situation of breached zone, to achieve alarm detection and video recording function. Moreover, it supports trouble output function.

  • Anti-Mask: When something block the detector, alarm will be triggered.
  • Anti-Rotation: When detector was rotated, or detection angle was changed, trouble alarm will be triggered.
  • Front-window dirty: When detector's front-window becomes extreme dirty, also affect the detection, trouble alarm will be triggered.
  • Detector Error: When detector performs self-checking and encounter errors.

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