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Dahua Network Video Intercom System

Dahua network video intercom solution

When some people still have the impression that Dahua merely specializes in video surveillance equipment, Dahua has already expanded its business scope through released access control system, burglar alarm system, as well as video intercom system. Actually Dahua has already tranformed to become a integration solution provider with its new product portfolio.

As one of pioneer product manufacturers and solution providers among domestic companies, Dahua may not merely provide video surveillance, but a complete solution. On December 2014, Dahua launched BW series intelligent building video intercom system, which is among the Dahua's intelligent building system products.

Now the market trend is shifting to smart home automation, How will Dahua company confront? What's the Dahua complete solution for resolving the upcoming demands of intelligent video intercom system? In this article, we aims to provide you some information about Dahua network video intercom solution.

Just like other professional video intercom manufacturers, Dahua's network video intercom system consists of indoor monitor and outdoor panel.

Dahua video intercom - outdoor panel

Dahua has developed multiple outdoor panel models, including black color tempered glass panel, aluminum alloy panel, stainless steel panel for selection. The outdoor panel utilizes TCP/IP network transmission. They are equipped with 1.3 megapixel HD camera which featured with WDR and white-light LED illuminators, IP66 grade weatherproof has built-in heater, which enables outdoor panel can work under -40℃ extreme cold environment. With help of panel's sensing function, when people approach outdoor panel, the backlit of keypad will turn on, meanwhile play voice remind. 

Dahua Video Intercom - Outdoor Panel
Dahua Video Intercom - Outdoor Panel

Moreover, Dahua's video intercom supports access control function, user can open the door by pressing password or swipe IC card, it also has lock output to work with different locks. Based on Dahua's excellent video & audio signal processing technology (i.e. digital noise reduction, echo elimination technology etc), this series outdoor panel supports making snapshots after call, leave video & audio message etc special functions.

Except above mentioned functions, Dahua video intercom outdoor panel has another highlight - network switching function, can connect to central network switches and indoor monitor network switches. Another feature is compatibility of both digital and analog, merely replace the network switch with a controller can transfer digital system to analog system, therefore transform the video intercom system to a hybrid system, which is a rare function in video intercom industry.

Dahua video intercom - indoor monitor

Dahua developed a wide range of selection for indoor monitors, user can choose network type, analog type indoor monitors, also indoor monitors have 10 inch and 7 inch size screen types, full touch screen or touch screen + keypad. We take the 10" network indoor monitor as an example, it adopts 10 inch size TFT color touch screen with resolution 1024x600, the screen is embedded into a 16mm aluminum plate, which greatly improved its durability.

Dahua Video Intercom - Indoor Monitor
Dahua Video Intercom - Touch Screen Indoor Monitor
Dahua Video Intercom - Indoor Monitor
Dahua Video Intercom - Touch Screen Indoor Monitor

In addition to embedded 8 security zones, the indoor monitor allows user to expand zones through RS485 BUS connection. It can connect to diversity security sensors, user can arm and disarm the system on touch screen indoor monitor.

As for smart home automation function, touch screen indoor monitor can connect smart gateway and controller (Multi-functional controller, light controller etc) to control lights, curtain, home appliances etc electronics. Please note that Dahua's smart gateway is equipped with two RJ-45 ports, one port to directly connect with indoor monitor; another port can connect to home router, with help of App on mobile device, user can achieve remote video intercom and smart home automation applications.

Additionally, Dahua touch screen indoor monitor can work with Dahua PoE network switch, which greatly can simplify the installation, which in turn, significantly reduce the installation budget.

Dahua Video Intercom - PoE Switch
Dahua PoE Switch

Network video intercom solution

Dahua network video intercom: Control center connects to each of outdoor panels with Cat5 Ethernet cable. Indoor monitors connect with RVV4×1.0 to receive alarm signals from smoke sensor, PIR motion sensor, CO sensor etc; or connect with RVV2×1.0 to receive signals from panic button, door/window sensor. 

Hybrid video intercom solution

Dahua hybrid video intercom: the connection between control center and outdoor panel adopts TCP/IP network communication, indoor monitor adopts analog communication. In order to support hybrid system, Dahua also provides video intercom controller, as long as replace the network switch with controller, replace network indoor monitor to analog indoor monitor, the video intercom system becomes analog system.

Dahua Video Intercom - Gateway
Dahua Video Intercom - Gateway
Dahua Video Intercom - Analog Controller
Dahua Video Intercom - Analog Controller
  • Analog indoor monitor connects controller through Cat5 Ethernet cable;
  • Analog indoor monitor connects RVV4×1.0 to receive alarm signal from smoke detector, PIR motion detector;
  • Analog indoor monitor connects RVV2×1.0 to receive signal from panic button, door/window sensor;
  • Outdoor panel connects control center through Cat5 Ethernet cable

 In the security center can have a dedicated administrator unit, which only supports two-way intercom call, house gating etc functions. An integrated management platform can actually allow different security systems work together, such kind of platform consists of one dedicated server + platform software + HD large screen.

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