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Hikvision - Smart Evolution in IP Surveillance

32x zoom 2.0 megapixel IP PTZ camera with laser DS-2DY9187-AIA

DS-2DY9187-AIA is a high definition network PTZ camera comes with a built-in laser emitter to provide long range distance illumination at night. It utilizes Hikvision's latest smart technologies including 120dB WDR, 3D DNR, electronic image stabilization, Defog, Triple streams, etc. This robot-like camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance applications (such as sea port, road traffic, factory, military, airport) which require high-end HD PTZ camera to monitor large area. 

Hkivision IP PTZ Camera 32x Zoom -  DS-2DY9187-AIA
Hkivision IP PTZ Camera 32x Zoom - DS-2DY9187-AIA

You may not find DS-2DY9187-AIA information on Hikvision's website, but asmag china (a media company in security industry) has already received one sample of DS-2DY9187-AIA, therefore they conducted a test on 19 June, 2015. I am happy to share the following test report.

High quality image + stable video stream

Test video configuration: 1080p @ 25fps, 4Mbps

Test 1 - Resolution: make camera aim at resolution test card, in minimum optical zoom condition to measure its resolution. The result is this camera's horizontal and vertical resolution can reach to 1050TVL, edge resolution is 950TVL.

Camera Resolution Test Result

Test 2 - Color reproduction, grayscale grade: replace resolution card with a color reproduction card and 20 grades grayscale test card, in the color reproduction test, besides the light green is slightly yellowish, the other colors have correct color reproduction; in grayscale test, the recognizable grayscale can reach 18, 19 grade.

Test 3 - real scene test: Make security camera aim at road traffic, let camera work for a period of time, we observe its performance on video stream. Overall its video stream is quite stable, color depth is accurate; running the bitrate test software, we found its bitrate control is stabilized in approximate 4.4Mbps, its bitrate control is excellent.

DS-2DY9187-AIA Bitrate Test Result
Bitrate Control

Star light low illumination

Test 1 - Low illumination: Turn off the lights and close the curtains in the room, making camera (F=1.8, AGC ON) aim to the lamp, after enabled the camera's 3D digital noise reduction, we adjust the brightness of light to change room's illumination, when illumination is 0.3Lux, the image keeps clean and noise-free; when illumination is approximate 0.05 - 0.1Lux, image mode switch between B/W and Color; when illumination is 0.01Lux, camera automatically switches to B/W mode, the image still keeps clean and noise-free; keep decreasing the brightness, when illumination is 0.00Lux (real illumination is 0.001 - 0.009Lux), camera still can capture images, image still shows all the details. From above test, we can conclude that this camera's low illumination performance is extraordinary. Please note that this camera can allow user to enable and disable laser emitter, when turn the laser emitter on, the camera can see 1.0 kilometers long distance, in short distance, the camera can adjust the laser intensity, therefore to ensure imaging quality.

DS-2DY9187-AIA Low Illumination
Low illumination 0.00Lux

Test 2 - Defog: in this defog performance test, we used glass and plastic plates to simulate foggy environment. When defog is disabled, the monitoring scene is overcast, after enable the defog function, the image has an obvious improvement, images become more clear.

DS-2DY9187-AIA Defog

Test 3 - WDR, BLC: make the camera aim at strong light, turn on the strong light, also put two dolls inside lamp shade. When WDR is OFF, the whole image is dark. When WDR is ON, the image is greatly improved, background becomes more bright while also enriched its details; under the same scenario, when WDR and BLC are OFF, the image background brightness was insufficient, when the BLC turned on, the background immediately becomes clear. In conclusion, this camera's WDR and BLC are effective.

Test 4 - HLC: in the same scenario, turn HLC off, the details inside the light become strong white, after turn HLC on, the doll appeared inside the lamp shade, this camera's high light compensation performance is also effective.


Rich PTZ function, 3D high-speed focus

As the pan/tilt/zoom network camera, this camera featured with rich PTZ function, it supports continuous 360°pan rotation, tilt rotation angle supports -90°~40°. The camera's horizontal rotation speed is 0.1°-100°/s, vertical rotation speed is 0.1°-40°/s. Rotation is quite stable. This camera supports 256 presets, 8 auto-cruise, 4 patterns scan, meanwhile it supports 3D positioning function, through Internet Browsers and Client software to achieve tracking and zoom function.

Test 1 - Preset cruise: in order to test its pan & tilt function, we set up three presets with different optical zoom and positions, respectively we set up a cruise path. After the automatic cruise, compared to the initial preset position, except its optical zoom slightly changed, the pan & tilt rotations are precise.

Test 2 - Zoom: Hikvision's DS-2DY9187-AIA 2.0 megapixel 32x zoom network PTZ camera supports 32x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, in real test, camera can easily zoom in/out, focus time can be controlled within 1s.  

Professional IP cameras with durable design Hikvision DS-2DY9187-AIA 2.0 MP IP PTZ camera adopts cast aluminum body, durable structure design. There is a wiper device in front of camera's lens, the wiper can ensure the camera to capture clear images when working in raining/snowing weather conditions. In addition to have built-in MicroSD card slot, the camera also has rich interface including Alarm I/O, Audio I/O, BNC, RJ45 port, RS485, AC 24V power jack, etc. For outdoor applications, this camera adopts IP66 weatherproof and TVS 6000V anti-lighting, as well as anti-surge design

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